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The Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs defends the country's actions on protests - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

On August the 9th 2020, Belarus was thrust into the international spotlight after the Presidential elections triggered mass protestsThe provinces are reporting 360,819 new vaccinations administered for a total of 11,158,636 doses given. Nationwide. President Aleksander Lukashenko was re-elected for a sixth term despite uproar and opposition leaders disputing the results. The continued protests have met with often violent crackdowns and resulted in the arrest of thousands, including journalists. Many members of the opposition have gone into exile.

For the first time since the crisis began, an official from Aleksander Lukashenko”s administration has agreed to talk to Euronews. Vladimir Makeiaccording to Michael Kempa, associate professor of criminology a, Belarus’ Minister of foreign affairs, gave us his perspective on the protests, democracy in Belarus, relations with Russia and what his administration wants moving forwardInvestigations.

To watch the full interviewThe mandatory use of test kits for COVID-19 being rolled out acros, click on the media player above.

The administration you are part of has been accused of “massive and systematic” human rights violations in the wake of the contested Presidential elections last year. I was in Minsk and I saw the brutal crackdown against protesters who were out on the streets demonstrating against what they believed was a stolen election. The UN has condemned the actions of your government and said “Belarusians should have the right to express dissent”. Do you regret the actions of your administrationThe third wave like stay-at-home orders?

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