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2010 China Automotive Coatings status and green application technology seminar

the 2010 China Automotive Coatings status and green application technology seminar will be held at Four Points Sheraton Yongtai hotel in Beijing on June 24

industry background:

environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction are important worldwide issues facing the automotive coating and coating industry. In 2009, China became the world's first automotive production country, and the production and demand of automotive coatings have maintained a double-digit development level for many years. In automobile production, traditional solvent based coatings are gradually reduced, high-performance and low pollution coatings are growing rapidly, and environmental friendly automotive coatings such as waterborne, high solid content and powdered are more and more used, which has become an inevitable trend of development

looking around the application of environment-friendly automotive coatings in China, it is still in its infancy. Many environmental protection coating lines and green coating products are about to be put into production. It will be the biggest gain brought to you by this seminar to truly understand the application status of automotive coatings and grasp the development trend of Automotive coatings

conference schedule:

guest report on June 24 at 08:: 00 breakfast

Part I: current situation of coating application in China's automotive coating industry

09:: 50 current situation and development trend of automotive coating in China

09:: 40 current situation of coating application in domestic automotive coating lines

10:: 00 question and exchange time tea break

11:: 50 technical difficulties in automotive coating application

12:: 30 question and exchange lunch

Part II: development opportunities of green automotive coating technology

13: take photoelectric encoder as digital quantity speed feedback: 20 analysis and control of harmful substances in automotive coatings

14:: 10 development trend of water-based automotive coatings technology

15:: 30 question exchange tea break

15:: 20 design of environmentally friendly automotive coatings formula

16:: 30 question exchange

16:30 end of the meeting

highlights of the seminar:

grasp the development trend of the automotive coatings industry

looking for a breakthrough in the healthy development of automotive coatings

win win the grand blueprint of China's automobile manufacturing industry as long as the pressure difference on both sides of the film remains unchanged

speaker (proposed):

Wang Xichun, former deputy director of Changchun FAW Materials Research Institute, director of the manufacturing technology branch of the society of Automotive Engineers of China, honorary director of the automotive coating professional committee

Chen Muzu, deputy director of the coating Professional Committee of the society of Automotive Engineers of China, and a distinguished expert of the society of Automotive Engineers of China, Executive director of coating branch of China Surface Engineering Association, Zhang Guozhong, general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., Wu Tao, deputy director of production and Manufacturing Technology Department of FAW Group, Wang Fengling, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, general manager of Lou Yigao PPG automotive coating, Hong Xiaoyin, UV curing coating expert of Tsinghua University, note: the source of this reprint is indicated, Reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its view or confirm the authenticity of the content of its force measuring sensor, which generally adopts hydraulic pressure sensor

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