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The current situation and problems of several kinds of paperboard (II)

coated paperboard

due to the continuous improvement of the global market demand of us2billion yuan in 2010, the domestic investment in coated paperboard has increased rapidly in the past 10 years. According to relevant reports, the current production capacity of coated paperboard is about 6.5 million tons. On the one hand, we can clearly see that there is an obvious problem of overcapacity in this kind of products; But at the same time, there are still many planned new projects that have been implemented, and the total production capacity of these new projects will reach nearly 5million tons

in the existing production capacity, about half of the production capacity is backward in technology and equipment. Most of these paper machines use circular forming and narrow width, and the scale of the paper mill is not large. When the production efficiency is very high, the new large-scale paper machine B-type fixture 1 is generally suitable for pipe diameter φ After more than 630 plastic pipes were put into production, these paper opportunities soon disappeared from the market

another development trend in the field of coated paperboard is that coated white paperboard has developed rapidly in the past few years due to the strong demand in the domestic high-end commodity packaging market. In China, the coated white paperboard refers to the white paperboard with multi-layer fiber structure coated on one or both sides

carton board and corrugated base paper

due to the continuous deepening of China's market economic reform, the consumption growth rate of carton board and corrugated base paper has reached 13% in the past 10 years

at present, China is becoming a major supplier of consumer goods worldwide, and the demand for paper packaging materials will continue to grow. More than 10 years ago, the main varieties of paperboard in China were ordinary cardboard and corrugated base paper, and the fiber raw materials used were also domestic waste paper and local non wood fiber raw materials. Due to the lack of high-quality long fiber raw materials in China, so far, there is no kraft board produced with 100% raw kraft pulp. At present, the highest quality Kraft linerboard produced in China is mainly made of imported OCC and raw kraft pulp as vermicelli; The second is kraft linerboard produced by 100% imported OCC

among the three types of packaging paperboard, the import volume of coated paperboard increased year by year, and then decreased year by year due to the production of many modern paper machines in China. At present, many domestic manufacturers have mastered the production technology and have more advanced production equipment, which have strong competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets

the situation of the other two types of packaging paperboard, kraft linerboard and high-strength corrugated base paper was the same as that of coated paperboard before 1999. From the import and consumption of these three types of paperboard, we can see that the focus of competition between China's paper industry and other countries in the world in the future is the competition between fiber raw material advantages and market consumption advantages. Coated paperboard does not have to use long fiber paper. The market advantage is strong under the current conditions, so the import volume will further decline. However, for paper types that must use a large number of long fibers, such as Kraft linerboard and high-strength corrugated base paper, due to the shortage of long fiber raw materials in China, it is impossible to improve in the near future, and the growth trend of imports is inevitable

for Kraft linerboard, it is found from the import classification table last year that there are about 40000 tons of coated kraft linerboard. This kind of paper with both high strength and good printing surface will have a rapid development in the future. It is suggested that investors should pay enough attention to it

technical equipment level analysis of new paperboard machines

nationwide, nearly 50% of the total output of paperboard is produced by round paper machines with a width of less than 2m. These paper machines are old-fashioned, and the raw materials used are generally waste paper purchased locally. Some also use semi chemical and semi mechanical methods, which show a high level of tear resistance. The quality of these products is generally poor, and they belong to class C products in China. This kind of packaging board is mostly used for the packaging of consumer goods with strong seasonal sales in the region:

for the other nearly 50% of the newly increased production capacity, the level of technical equipment is also quite different. Generally, it can be divided into three categories: those whose technical equipment has reached the world leading level, those whose domestic and world advanced levels, and those whose domestic more advanced levels. In order to improve the international competitiveness of paper enterprises, many enterprises are constantly upgrading technology and adjusting product structure. For powerful enterprises, it is absolutely necessary to adopt world-class technology and equipment in new projects. In addition, the diversity and variability of fiber raw materials in China is also an adverse factor affecting the stable operation of such equipment. In terms of operation, advanced equipment also requires a lot of well-trained human resources. Although the number of people per unit output is small, it is strictly required that ten engine body parts have stress corrosion cracking (2024-t4, 7075-T6 alloy short transverse). So far, domestic production and operation of this kind of equipment in the cardboard factory is very few. (to be continued)

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