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Development status and prospect prediction of EVA resin Market in China

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) can be divided into three categories according to the content of VA (vinyl acetate): EVA resin with VA content of 5% - 40% is called EVA resin, which is mainly used to modify polyethylene, manufacture wire and cable materials, thin films and other molded products or mixtures; EVA elastomer with VA content of 40% - 70% is mainly used as rubber elastomer and PVC modifier; VA content of 70% - 95% is usually made into lotion, called VAE lotion, which is mainly used as adhesive, coating and coating

EVA resin is widely used

the VA content of EVA resin used in the film is less than 20%. EVA film has the advantages of high transparency, good impact toughness, good thermal stability, physiological harmlessness, permeability, low temperature shrinkage and so on. As an agricultural functional greenhouse film, it has high light transmittance, good heat preservation performance, aging resistance and anti fog drop. It is an ideal agricultural film base material. In addition, the LRM designed by researchers takes the shape of rectangular units including three metal cores. EVA can also be used as packaging film, medical film, laminated film and casting film

in recent years, saponified or partially saponified ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resin (EVAL) has developed very rapidly in the packaging industry. Its outstanding advantage is its excellent gas resistance, which can greatly improve the fragrance retention of packaging materials, prevent oxygen from entering, and improve the shelf life of food. Eval resin can be widely used in hard and soft packaging, as well as packaging solvents, chemicals and pesticides

the VA content of EVA resin used in foaming products is 15% - 30%. This kind of material has the properties of softness, good elasticity, shock absorption, chemical resistance and so on. It is widely used in the soles of medium and high-grade tourist shoes, mountaineering shoes, slippers, sandals, as well as soundproof panels, gymnastics mats, sealing profiles and toys

EVA resin with VA content of 25% - 40% is used for hot melt adhesive. Because EVA hot melt adhesive does not contain solvents, there is no risk of environmental pollution and flammability, and it is suitable for high-speed automatic production line operation, it is widely used in wireless binding of books, packaging, furniture edge banding, assembly of cars and household appliances, shoemaking, carpet coating and corrosion-resistant coating on metal products. The adhesive has short curing time, does not need to be dried, and is easy to store and transport

EVA resin with VA content of 12% - 24% is used for wires and cables. The advantage of EVA used in insulation materials such as wires and cables is that it can accommodate a large number of fillers without embrittlement, has no loss of comprehensive mechanical properties, and is easy to crosslink. Typical applications in this area include heat shrinkable insulators, semiconductor shielding materials and flame retardant insulating materials

in addition, EVA resin is also widely used in the fields of ink, bags, bottle cushion covers, various extruded hoses/rigid tubes, etc

the domestic production of EVA resin is insufficient. At present, the global annual output of EVA resin is more than 1million tons, including about 600000 tons in the United States, 150000 tons in Japan and 140000 tons in Germany. (see the next page)

the production and application of EVA in China started relatively late. At present, only 40000 t/a EVA device of Beijing organic chemical plant has been built and put into commercial operation, which can produce 14 brands of products, with a VA content of 5% - 18%, mainly used for the production of agricultural film and foaming materials. Yanshan Petrochemical has a 200000 t/a LDPE production unit, which produces about 50000 tons of EVA every year. It can produce four brands, with VA content of 4% - 9%, but there is basically no commodity volume. Daqing Petrochemical and Shanghai Petrochemical LDPE plants can also produce EVA, but due to the tight supply of VA raw materials and the shortage of LDPE market, EVA is not produced. Among the 400000 T/a LDPE plants newly put into operation this year, one 200000 t/a production line can produce EVA products with a VA content of 30%. The 200000 t/a LDPE plant newly put into operation by Daqing Petrochemical can also produce EVA products with a VA content of 4% - 9%. It is expected that these products will greatly improve the supply pattern of China's EVA market

although the EVA market in China started late, the consumption of this product has increased rapidly in recent years due to its excellent processing performance, wide application and special demand fields. In 2000, the apparent consumption of EVA resin in China was 258000 tons, which soared to 398000 tons in 2003 and 490000 tons in 2004. In 2004, the imported EVA resin was 450000 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 26.8%. In the next few years, the demand for EVA resin will increase at a rate of about 9%. It is expected that the demand will reach about 580000 tons in 2006 and 820000 tons in 2010

China's EVA resin is mainly imported from surrounding countries and regions. The import volume from Taiwan, China accounts for more than 35% of the total import volume, South Korea accounts for 20%, Japan accounts for 5%, and the import volume from Singapore and the United States is also large. From the perspective of the imported structure with the functions of zoom in, zoom out, translation, 10 character cursor, point selection, etc., it is basically a product with VA content between 15% and 30%, which is mainly used in the production of shoe materials, etc

in the next few years, EVA resin will develop rapidly in the following fields:

agricultural film as China is a large agricultural country, the market share of EVA resin in this field will increase in the next few years. It is estimated that the regional difference in the total amount of energy distribution in China is obvious. In 2006, about 75000 tons of EVA resin will be consumed in this field

shoe making China is a large country producing shoes. In recent years, due to the transfer of shoe industry of Taiwan, Hong Kong and some world-famous brands to the mainland of China, the consumption of EVA resin used for shoe materials has increased significantly. Based on 100g EVA resin for each pair of shoes, it is estimated that the demand will reach more than 280000 tons in 2006. However, due to the relatively mature and stable EVA field for shoes, the proportion in the total demand will decline

hot melt adhesive, the mechanical testing equipment most commonly used by building materials manufacturers, also has a great potential application market in China. With the further development of China's printing, furniture, shoe leather industry, its consumption will also gradually increase. In 2006, it will consume about 50000 tons of EVA

in addition, the consumption of EVA resin in wire and cable, toys, ink, luggage and other fields will also increase in the future, and about 55000 tons of EVA will be consumed in 2006

industrial development is yet to mature

eva resin is a scarce synthetic material in China. With the development of EVA downstream industry, the contradiction between supply and demand will become increasingly prominent. With the completion and operation of CNOOC shell EVA plant and the consideration of EVA market demand for the new round of LDPE plant expansion and transformation, it is believed that China's EVA supply will gradually get rid of the situation of import in the future. However, we should also see that the EVA market is still immature, and high cost and high price have become the main bottleneck of market development. Therefore, brand diversification and competitive prices will promote the healthy development of China's EVA industry

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