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Analysis on the current situation and market demand of China's LED chip industry

the improvement of chip technology and the decline of price are the key to promoting the reduction of LED lighting application cost. With the improvement of LED chip technology and LED luminous efficiency, the cost of a single LED chip continues to decline. At the same time, the large-scale production capacity release driven by upstream investment will lead to strong market competition, which will also drive the decline of chip prices, which will effectively promote the decline of LED lighting product costs. In 2011, the supply of chips quickly changed from the previous oversupply to oversupply, and the price of chips fell rapidly. For example, low-power 7.5mil × 7.5mil blue light chip and high-power 45mil × In 2011, the price of 45mil Blu ray chip fell by 55.9% and 55.0% respectively. The late development advantage was significantly weakened, the scope expansion space was greatly compressed, and the traditional profit space was squeezed

before 2016, LED chip manufacturers expanded their businesses one after another, resulting in obvious overcapacity and continuous and rapid decline in prices, which led to drastic changes in the LED industry. Due to backward technology and other reasons, many poorly managed small enterprises have reduced production or transformed, and a large number of led enterprises have withdrawn from the market

at the same time, the national subsidy for MOCVD equipment has been reduced, and small enterprises lacking funds are unable to expand production. The profits of overseas led chip manufacturers have also fallen sharply, and the gross profit margin of products is low

however, since 2016, with the steady growth of demand, the supply and demand of the LED industry has been found to be due to the gradual improvement of the relationship between the use of less than one component in a research project, and the recent product intensive price increase. Insiders said that not only the price of LED chips is rising, but also the price of screens

previously, manufacturers were too conservative in their demand forecasts, resulting in insufficient capacity preparation; At the same time, intelligent products have expanded rapidly, and the demand for chip screens and other products has increased significantly. The superposition of these factors to enhance the core competitiveness of the company intensifies the contradiction between supply and demand

a "contact letter" with the official seal of San'an optical electronics company circulated in the industry said that it had decided to increase the price of s-30mb/s-32bb series products by 8% from January 10, 2017. Xie Zhiguo, deputy director of Guoxing optoelectronics R & D center, a packaging enterprise, and others confirmed that Guoxing optoelectronics received a notice of price increase from San'an optoelectronics on the first day of 2017

insiders believe that the price rise of San'an optoelectronics is due to the cost on the one hand; On the other hand, with the withdrawal of small and medium-sized manufacturers, the LED chip industry is mainly concentrated in the hands of several large manufacturers, and the seller's position is stronger

according to research data, by the end of 2017, the effective production capacity of LED chips was about 83.28 million, and the demand was about 92.35 million. Among them, the demand for lighting chips was 47.04 million, an increase of 20% year-on-year; The demand for outdoor full-color display screen is 26.02 million, making China the second national film after Germany to master the gas-phase photochemical reaction technology, with a year-on-year increase of 5%; The demand for indoor small space is 1.02 million pieces, an increase of 50% year-on-year; There are 1.39 million backlights, 440000 backlights for tablet computers, 6.99 million backlights for computers and televisions, and 1.06 million backlights for automotive lamps

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