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Some communities try the new method of water and garbage disposal

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at noon on November 25, in the express split area of future city community, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City, property staff are busy taking off the bloated "coats" of express delivery one by one, letting them wait for their owners to pick them up refreshing

"the carton packaging is put into the resource dustbin for recycling, and the plastic tape is put into the general dustbin for centralized treatment." Property company manager yangwenlong said

with the popularity of shopping, a large number of packaging boxes have caused trouble to the community property. "Cartons and cartons can still sell for money, but plastic packaging bags account for 60% to 80% of the total amount of marine solid pollutants, especially the adhesive tape on them, which sticks to the ground and is very difficult to clean." Yang Wenlong said

in October 2017, futuretown property established a garbage points exchange supermarket according to the actual situation of the community, with a snack exchange area, condiment exchange area, student supplies exchange area, express unpacking and delivery area, vegetable exchange area, etc. the express delivery standard demolished by the owner did not explicitly incite the packaging box to participate in the points exchange and exchange points for daily necessities

"residents are highly motivated to participate. At present, more than 1500 households have participated, with a participation rate of 57%." Yang Wenlong said, "in operation, we adopt the opinions and suggestions of residents, and garbage classification points can also be exchanged for express mail fees, fees, property fees, etc."

the relevant person in charge of Yinchuan Municipal Administration told that the garbage generated by packaging bags is generally divided into paper packaging bags. In addition to the safety devices other than equipment, the safety awareness of laboratory personnel is also extremely important resource garbage and general garbage of plastic packaging bags. In terms of resource waste recycling, Yinchuan city adopts the methods of installing 5 in the community, putting some plastic resource waste recycling bins that are not resistant to light, carrying out "garbage exchange" activities in the pilot community, "interconnected ++ resource waste" recycling method, and establishing waste classification collection rooms for recycling. The general garbage is transported to the incineration power plant for incineration and power generation

"both paper and plastic packaging bags are relatively easy to handle. Now what makes people headache is the food takeout packaging box." Ma Jianhua, director of the office of Yinchuan Rongjie domestic solid waste treatment and disposal Co., Ltd., said, "now takeout is very popular, and more and more takeout garbage is generated. If only the packaging box is used, it can be treated as general garbage, but some people throw it together with leftovers, and there is no garbage classification."

"leftovers and leftovers are kitchen waste, and the packaging box is general waste. If they are not classified and thrown together, it will be difficult to deal with. Moreover, it is troublesome for the soup and water inside to be contaminated with other garbage." Ma Jianhua called for garbage sorting before handling takeout lunch boxes

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