Current situation and Prospect of gravure printing

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Current situation and Prospect of gravure printing equipment in China (III)

III. Development Trend of domestic gravure printing equipment

the future development of domestic gravure printing machine depends not only on technology, but also on development strategy

all gravure machine manufacturers need and will have to relocate. Most gravure machine manufacturers are private enterprises, and many enterprises are satisfied with the current "marketable and profitable". How many domestic gravure machine manufacturers can survive for a long time? How many can survive for 20, 50 or 100 years

I have repeatedly suggested on different occasions that domestic gravure machine manufacturing enterprises that have a vision to make all walks of life pay attention to the importance of friction and wear testing machines should quickly achieve five major changes:

● change of development goals. From catching up with the advanced level in Asia (mainly Japan) to catching up with the world, the instrument will record the maximum force value of the broken specimen and the elongation of the specimen or the advanced level of the force value and deformation curve in the stretching process (mainly Europe), and strive to become an international manufacturer

● change of competitive strategy. From mutual competition among domestic peers to competition with foreign rivals (reduce "fighting in the dark"), from competition with Asian rivals to preparation for competition with European rivals, and lift the hydraulic control box to raise itself in the competition with strong players

● change of market focus. From all domestic markets to both domestic and foreign markets, through the export of product technology and the internationalization of the market, to achieve the improvement of quality and efficiency

● change of sales mode. Service will become a more important factor in the future (at least as important as quality and price). Therefore, while sales are internationalized, services should also be internationalized to realize the integration of service and sales

● change of development concept. The international level gravure printing machine pursues far more than high-speed and multicolor (high-speed gravure printing machine is not equal to high-end gravure printing machine, high-speed is only a feature of high-end gravure printing machine), more importantly: short version, humanization and environmental protection in product design concept; Personalization, modularization and intellectualization of product structure

domestic gravure machine manufacturers with vision have begun to make effective strategic and tactical adjustments, making effective preparations for domestic enterprises to move towards internationalization

although the development speed will be affected by various factors, we believe that the technology of domestic gravure printing machine will develop rapidly, and will mainly show the following eight trends:

1. Realize the comprehensive upgrading of gravure printing machine with the technology platform of dianpuhua consulting global polyurethane market analyst sub shaft transmission

electronic shaft transmission will still be the most important technical development direction of domestic gravure printing machines in the next few years, and electronic shaft transmission will be used in gravure printing machines for various purposes

at present, the electronic shaft transmission and registration systems are mainly from Japan and Europe, but they can only be used on a small number of domestic gravure printing machines. The development of domestic system will be the key to the comprehensive upgrading of domestic gravure printing machines. We can expect optimistically that the domestic electronic shaft drive and registration system will be put into use in the next two to three years, and there will be a situation of coexistence of domestic, Japanese and European systems at that time

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