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Analysis on the current situation and problems of informatization in Shanghai color printing industry

today's society is moving towards informatization step by step, and even Shanghai color printing industry can't escape. In the past few years, the development speed of informatization of Shanghai color printing industry in China is far lower than that of other industries. Although there is no sign of industrial development slowing down, the overall level of informatization application is not high, which makes the industry too busy to take into account industrial upgrading in the rapid development. The traditional Shanghai color printing industry is facing increasing pressure. A large number of private traditional Shanghai color printing enterprises are limited by capital and technology. Fortunately, in recent years, most Shanghai color printing enterprises have gradually carried out. Should the examination and approval power be completely decentralized? In this adjustment, the informatization process of the whole industry has also been gradually accelerated

according to the latest statistical data, the number of Shanghai color printing enterprises above Designated Size in China ranks among the top in the world. However, compared with developed countries, China's traditional Shanghai color printing industry has the problems of unreasonable industrial structure and weak technology, so the foamed molded products can also be shaped twice to produce finished products with complex shapes, which cannot be called Shanghai color printing power. In fact, from the digital Phototypesetting to the color printing in Shanghai, China's traditional Shanghai color printing industry has actually stepped into the threshold of informatization. But for many years, due to the problem of industrial structure, informatization has not been fully utilized in China's traditional Shanghai color printing enterprises, and the potential has not been better tapped, so that this sunrise industry has not played its full heat

with the wide application of computer technology and networking technology, the new Shanghai color printing technology and equipment are becoming more and more perfect, which makes the demand of Shanghai color printing enterprises for digital, integrated, intelligent and networking technology more and more urgent

current situation of informatization in Shanghai color printing industry

the current Shanghai color printing technology has broken through the constraints of traditional Shanghai color printing technology. This change is mainly reflected in the following aspects: to meet the acquisition of graphic and graphic information through diversified digital information; Instead of manual work, computer has become the main force of image processing; Multimedia publications have successfully replaced traditional image publications; Data conversion and transmission networking

Modern Digital Shanghai color printing technology has become an absolute driving force in the informatization construction of Shanghai color printing industry in China. Moreover, printing and brushing have only become symbols of the industry. High and new technologies such as digital image technology, computer technology and networking technology have made qualitative changes in the whole industry. While bringing development, the ever-changing information technology and application have also brought challenges to China's traditional Shanghai color printing enterprises. Under pressure, compared with the powerful state-owned Shanghai color printing enterprises, many private Shanghai color printing enterprises are more active in the application of new technologies and new products. The cruel competition makes them have to introduce new technologies, equipment and management to meet customers' needs for product quality, price and other aspects

however, most small and medium-sized Shanghai color printing enterprises do not have a good grasp of informatization. Most of them still rely on one or several Shanghai color printing experimental equipment. Various protection, alarm measures and safety interlocking devices should be improved and reliable management software should assist production. Although it will be helpful for small Shanghai color printing enterprises, this mode is always too low-end, It is also bad for enterprise management

analysis of problems in Shanghai color printing industry

the current Shanghai 2.0 color printing industry is highly competitive, but it is nothing more than the competition for equipment, management and quality, in the final analysis, it is the competition for the application level of enterprise informatization

1. Fund management problems. Small and medium-sized Shanghai color printing enterprises are more concerned about how to ensure the effective application of funds and the rapid return of funds, thinking that cash flow is important to Shanghai color printing industry, which has a low profit margin. Enterprise managers hope to ensure a fast and integrated a/R and a/P query, quickly query and analyze the task completion, delivery quantity, return quantity, collection amount and other records of each user and order, and quickly summarize customers' accounts receivable, account age and credit status. However, due to the poor information flow, they usually cannot fully control the capital flow and have to bear great capital risks

2. Material management is chaotic and difficult. The raw materials of Shanghai color printing industry are complex, with a wide variety of light paper, ink and auxiliary materials. Coupled with the finished products produced, it is inevitable that there will be confusion in inventory and material management. Chaotic inventory and material management have added unnecessary costs to enterprises. Enterprise leaders hope to have a solution, which can obtain accurate material demand analysis, perfect inventory and stock age management, real-time raw material delivery and finished product delivery reports and other functions. These are obviously functions that the old Shanghai color printing management software cannot provide

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