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May 9 plastic market forecast

[China Packaging News] boosted by the unexpected decline in U.S. crude oil inventories, crude oil futures rose 1% on Wednesday, but the escalation of the U.S. - China trade war limited the rise in oil prices, as investors were worried about the prospects for global energy demand. WTI crude oil futures closed up $0.72, or 1.2%, at $62.12 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures rose $0.49, or 0.7%, to close at $70.37 a barrel

● PE market: the market atmosphere was gloomy yesterday, and some prices fell. Linear futures continued to decline, and some petrochemicals lowered their quotations. At present, the overall mood of the market is relatively low. Traders' mentality appears to be a little impetuous, and profit making shipping is the mainstream operation. The downstream factories have limited efforts to receive goods, and the terminal demand has always been difficult to increase, and the overall trading volume is light. Quotation reference: Xinjiang market was sorted out in a narrow range, Dushanzi 8008 was reported at 10900 yuan/ton; Shunde market news discussed the problems of industry standards, compliance information, technology and product quality, and the market weakened, Maoming 2426k tax-free yuan/ton; Nanjing market quotation is sorted out, and Yangzi 5000S is delivered at 9250 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will fluctuate and consolidate today

● PP Market: yesterday's weak market consolidation can not only alleviate the pressure of automobile enterprises in these two aspects, but also reduce the price of crude oil and polypropylene futures, resulting in a double negative blow. The mentality of the industry is pessimistic. Some companies of PetroChina and petrochemical cut their ex factory prices, adding a sad atmosphere in the theater. Downstream enterprises insist on purchasing small quantities of raw materials according to demand, and transactions are concentrated on a single deal, Reference of local market conditions: Qilu Chemical City yard weak consolidation, Fushun l5e89 reported 8750 yuan/ton, Nanjing market narrow consolidation, Yangzi F401 reported 9450 yuan/ton, Shantou market slightly adjusted, Shenhua Ningmei 1102k reported 8140 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will be weak and volatile today

● PVC Market: yesterday, the market was generally stable, with some increases. In addition, some markets in North China were temporarily closed, and the quotations of upstream manufacturers continued to rise. Most traders became one of the five provincial innovation centers in the province, unwilling to lower. Downstream demand was flat, mainly on demand, and the wait-and-see remained unchanged. Market price reference: Changzhou market high-level finishing, 5-type electric stone mainstream quotation yuan/ton self lifting; The offer in Hebei market is temporarily stable, and the calcium carbide method type 5 material does not include tax declaration yuan/ton; Qilu Chemical City market offer moved up, and Qilu S1000 was reported at about 7220 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will remain stable and individual offers will move up

● PS Market: yesterday, the market was still weak in some cases, and the ex factory price of some petrochemical manufacturers was reduced, but the actual transaction on the floor was still not improved, and the intention of downstream enterprises to prepare for storage was weak, and the demand was not high. Market price reference: individual quotations in Shunde market are loose, and Zhanjiang xinzhongmei 525 is quoted at 9350 yuan/ton; The quotation in Dongguan market fell steadily, with guang525 reported 9290 yuan/ton; There was little change in the Ningbo market, and saibaolong 525 was quoted at 9950 yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected that the market will continue to show a stable and weak trend today

● ABS market: yesterday, the South China and East China markets continued to decline in a narrow range, the trading activity on the floor was insufficient, the negotiation atmosphere was light, and the downstream mainly maintained on-demand purchase, with limited demand changes. Market price reference: the quotation in Dongguan market fell narrowly, and Ning 121h reported 12200 yuan/ton; The quotation in Ningbo market is stable and small, and 0215a is quoted at 12650 yuan/ton; The market quotation of Yuyao fell slightly, and dg-417 was reported at 124, no matter compared with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, 00 yuan/ton

forecast today: it is expected that the market will continue to decline steadily today

● PET bottle chip Market: yesterday, the market was weak, and the upstream raw material futures market rose and fell, which did not play a significant role in guiding the market. Some high price sources fell, and traders mainly shipped according to the market, while the downstream insisted on purchasing with use, and the overall trading atmosphere was tepid. Market price reference: water bottle materials in East China market were in yuan/ton; The water bottle material in South China market is self picked up at RMB/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will remain weak today

● pet waste recycling market: yesterday, the market price was adjusted sideways. Affected by the shortage of wool bottle supply, the start-up of the cleaning plant was still limited, the volume of recycled bottle chips was limited, and the price of recycled chemical fiber was weak. In order to control costs, chemical fiber factories preferred low price sources. The overall trading atmosphere in the venue was warm. Market price reference: machine white chips in East China market were in yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price today will be the same as yesterday

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