Hottest plastic Market Forecast on October 16

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On October 16, the plastic market forecast

due to the resurgence of concerns about the weakening of global demand, investors are worried that the protracted Sino US trade friction will continue to depress the global economy, and the continuous increase of U.S. crude oil inventories will further depress the oil price, and the international oil price fell on the 15th. November crude oil futures fell $0.78, or 1.5%, to settle at $52.81 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures in December fell $0.61, or 1.0%, to settle at $58.74 a barrel

[Market Overview and forecast]

● P they have made great contributions to the cost control of automotive products, reducing self weight, improving comfort, etc. e market: yesterday's market was stable and small. Some petrochemical production enterprises raised their ex factory prices. Boosted by this, the market atmosphere improved slightly compared with the previous period, and the market improved. Traders' mentality is more rational, and most people are cautious about the future market. The performance of downstream demand side is still not ideal, and the transaction situation is poor. Quotation reference: Guangzhou market price adjustment, Maoming 2426h reported yuan/ton; The quotation of Shenyang market is higher, and the price of Jihua 7042 is 7650 yuan/ton; After sorting out the offer in Chengdu market, Shenhua 2426h reported 8630 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price will be partially adjusted today

● PP Market: yesterday, the market was slightly sorted out, individual prices were still higher, crude oil fell sharply and polypropylene futures were weak at the opening, which had a great negative impact on the market. However, some companies of PetroChina and petrochemical transferred factory prices up, easing the pessimistic atmosphere in the floor. Traders mainly shipped with them, and the demand of downstream factories was low. The overall trading atmosphere was flat. Reference to market conditions in various places: Tianjin market rose slightly, Nanjing coal 1102k was reported at 8700 yuan/ton, and the Beijing market rose slightly. Huzhou petrochemical T30S was reported at 8800 yuan/ton, some high reports in Guangzhou market, and Shenhua ningcoal 1102k was reported at 8850 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will be stable and small

● PVC Market: yesterday, the market was generally stable, with individual narrow fluctuations, and some markets in East China were closed. The market support for cost is insufficient, and most buyers hold a wait-and-see attitude. The overall market demand changes are limited, and the actual transaction negotiation is the main. Quotation reference: the offer in Hebei market is slightly loose, and the calcium carbide method type 5 material does not include tax. Below, we analyzed several faults that will occur in the equipment, RMB/ton; The market in Guangzhou has been reduced by a narrow margin, and the mainstream price of ordinary calcium carbide is yuan/ton; Hangzhou market is slightly loose, and the range of type 5 electric stone is yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will narrow today

● PS Market: yesterday, the market was stable, and North America accounted for the largest share of the high-performance composite market. In terms of petrochemicals, the quotation is mainly stable, the mentality of traders is general, and the mentality of downstream buyers is still cautious, mainly purchasing on demand. Quotation reference: Shunde market quotation is basically stable, Guangzhou 525 is reported at 10100 yuan/ton; Part of the offer in Ningbo market fell, and saibaolong 525 was reported at 9300 yuan/ton; The market quotation of Yuyao fell steadily, with gps-525 reported 9700 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will still be stable and weak consolidation

● ABS market: yesterday, the market price remained negative. Affected by bad news in the periphery and upstream, the industry is pessimistic. However, the supply of some brands is tight, and the price fluctuation is small. The spot market is not active enough, and the trading atmosphere is light. If the site does not fit, it should be re aligned and wait-and-see, and downstream users continue to purchase on demand. Quotation reference: Dongguan market quotation fell narrowly, and Han 121h reported 11300 yuan/ton; Ningbo market quotation fell slightly, 121h Yongxing reported 12650 yuan/ton; The market quotation of Yuyao fell slightly, with 0215a reported 12500 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will generally stabilize and some brands will decline slightly

● PET bottle chip Market: yesterday, the market price weakened, PTA futures opened low and fell, and the cost side support was poor. Individual bottle chip enterprises reduced the ex factory price. The traders were pessimistic, and the firm offer actively made profits to promote the transaction. The downstream was cautious and wait-and-see, and the initiative to receive goods was not high. The market price reference: water bottle material yuan/ton in East China market, water bottle material yuan/ton in South China market

forecast today: it is expected that the market performance will remain weak today

● pet waste recycling market: yesterday, the market was weak and stable. The prices of individual markets in South China rose by 100 yuan, the new material market fell, and the recycling market was under obvious pressure. The recovery rhythm of wool bottles slowed down, the operating rate of cleaning plants was general, the supply of recycled bottle chips was general, and the terminal demand was low. In order to maintain the profit space, chemical fiber plants chose to absorb raw materials on bargain hunting, and the overall trading atmosphere on the floor was flat, Market price reference: the machine white film in East China market is 5600 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will be flat today

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