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These brands are "not serious", but their works are exciting

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core tip: with the increasingly diversified consumer market, business models also begin to meet the demand, and many new species of genetic recombination have emerged, The most obvious embodiment of gene recombination in the commercial society is "cross

[China Packaging News] with the increasingly diversified consumer market, the business model has also begun to meet the demand, resulting in many new species of gene recombination. The most obvious embodiment of gene recombination in the commercial society is" cross-border "

diptyque ice cream

diptyque, a French Salon fragrance that has always been low-key, recently sold ice cream. It is said that each one is perfume

when I arrived at the store, I found that the ice cream was not made by diptyque, but found the magic red ice cream shop pr ē E cooperation. But the taste is really perfume

▲ Maiden's heart bursting ice cream decoration

there are five ice cream options: Toussaint, rose, fig, sensory water, and water in the shadow, which correspond to five series of fragrances of the brand

fig flavored ice cream with a little black pepper has a refreshing taste. Like its corresponding Greek fig light essence, it emits a unique woody flavor. When you smell it, you just want to stretch and breathe

▲ ice cream and corresponding essence

Dusan light essence is the main flavor of diptyque, and the flavor of the same ice cream is also very classic. The fresh taste with evening jasmine, orange blossom and jasmine is really suitable for summer

sensory water of thousands of people and thousands of noodles. The fragrance of light essence is very unique. Similarly, this light yellow ice cream tastes wonderful. The first bite only felt cool and tasteless, but after a fine aftertaste, the milk flavor gradually appeared, slowly occupying the entire taste buds

ysl rock and roll Electric City

there are not only pinball machines common in the video game city, but also air hockey and lipstick grabbing machines stuffed with lipstick

in the rock video game city, you can also experience the new 18 lip enamel numbers for the first time

professional makeup artists will do free makeup trials on site, enter with plain face and leave with cool makeup

in terms of routines, YSL's time limited game hall is only one of the representatives, and there are many cross-border activities of brands, one by one

Dior caf é opened by Dior in Seoul, South Korea, is a coffee shop full of Fairy Spirit

the outer wall of the store adopts the white tone loved by Dior brand to create the shape of petals. All the stores are fashionable and simple, and obvious Dior logo is printed everywhere

the desserts in the cafe come from a very large source. The chef is Pierre Herme, an ashes dessert. This dessert is known as "Picasso in the dessert world". His desserts are regarded as "Hermes in desserts", and everyone in France knows the top desserts

herm è smatic

herm è s is more interesting for things that are done without serious work. This lady of the universe brand, did not open a restaurant, nor did Mini become bigger, with a game hall, it chose a very daily and very interesting way - laundry

in order to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of herm è s signature scarves, the brand created a special free laundry room in New York - herm è Smatic

although it is a free laundry room, the things in it are all valuable for colleges and universities. From glass doors, roller washing machines, to laundry baskets and boxes, they all look like herm è s classic oranges at a glance

the drum washing machine is specially prepared for herm è s scarves and only accepts the service of cleaning scarves. When the guest brings the dirty scarves to the store, the whole process from washing to maintenance takes two days

UNIQLO Cherry Blossom beer

UNIQLO is a little expert in cross-border cooperation, but generally, even if it crosses the border, it just makes clothes safely. However, not long ago, the brand suddenly made a big move in the UK - to launch a Sakura flavored Japanese beer Sakura paleale

▲ futuristic packaging

UNIQLO, which has always pursued minimalism, has a simple and clear purpose of this cross-border cooperation: to expand the influence of the brand in the UK

for this reason, they specially went to magic rockbrewers, a local brewery in Britain, to brew this Japanese style beer, which is only sold in Tate moder Art Museum, a local trendsetter gathering place

"I'm glad to cooperate with the best brewery in the UK to launch this special beer product and celebrate our cooperation with UNIQLO." Andrew downs, a spokesman for Tate moder, said in a related media statement. Although the statement of "Britain's best brewery" is also a bit of a scene, magic rockbrewers is indeed quite famous in the industry. It can be seen that UNIQLO has also made a lot of money this time

Orio music box

"twist, lick, bubble" Orio has never lacked imagination. Among all its open brain holes, the most popular one should be this delicious and fun music box

▲ Orio music box

this cute and magical music box was sold out as soon as it was launched, and the record of selling 20000 boxes in 9 hours was also amazing. Many curious friends said that they pinched points to rush to buy

the compact and waste water, waste, waste residue and other love music box is so popular because it can not only play Oreo theme music of six different styles, such as rock, jazz, electronic music, Chinese style, but also record at the same time

moreover, these small records are genuine Oreo biscuits. If you don't bite a word, they have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and it can switch a song style

▲ you can both play and record

the unchanging thinking has failed to keep up with the trend of the times. Big names have begun to integrate a variety of thinking and promote new ones. What wonderful works will they make? Let's wait and see

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