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Application of plant fill light lamp in greenhouse

photosynthesis is a biochemical process in which plants, algae and some bacteria, under the irradiation of visible light, through light reaction and dark reaction, use photosynthetic pigments to convert carbon dioxide (or hydrogen sulfide) and water into organic matter, convert light energy into chemical energy, store it in organic matter, and release oxygen (or hydrogen)

photosynthesis is the sum of a series of complex metabolic reactions, the basis for the survival of the biological world, and also an important medium of the earth's carbon and oxygen cycle

effects of low light environment on plant growth and development

1 Weak light will slow down the photosynthetic rate characteristics of plants, affect the nutrient production of plants, and lead to poor vegetative growth of plants. It is mainly manifested in the enlargement and thinning of plant leaves, the thinning of leaf color, the flattening of angle, the lengthening and thinning of plant shoots, the inhibition of root growth, the reduction of total dry weight of plants, and so on

2. Long term exposure of flowers to weak light in greenhouse will cause Flower Drop and crop fruit drop. The main reason is that weak light reduces the vitality of pollen and thus reduces the quality of fertilized eggs

3. Plants have been in a weak light environment in the greenhouse for a long time, reducing the rate of photosynthesis, affecting the formation of plant chlorophyll, resulting in the reduction of the number of chloroplasts in plants, which is characterized by multiple diseases

plant fill light lamp is a kind of lamp that uses light instead of sunlight to provide the light source needed for plant growth and development after more than 20 years of development, according to the natural law of plant growth and the principle that plants use sunlight for photosynthesis

greenhouse fill light lamp

fill light time:

the daily illumination time of normal crops is about hours, while the lowest time in northern China is only hours in winter. Therefore, every day includes artificial blood vessels, soft tissues, bones, bone plates, intervertebral fusion devices, cardiac membrane, knee joint, spinal fixator, glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic, liquid. Based on two force columns, measure crystal glass, reinforcing fiber, PE pipe Metal coatings, hip joints, intramedullary nails, etc. can be used for stretching, tightening, bending, shearing and other items of metal and non-metal, high molecular materials, human bones, etc. mechanical property testing and mechanical identification should be completed for at least one hour

when using greenhouse and other materials to produce off-season crops, it is necessary to understand the requirements of various crops for light, especially the requirements of fruit crops for light during the fruit bearing period. Generally, if the average sunshine is less than 11 hours, the young fruits will fall off completely. It is difficult to meet the requirements by relying solely on natural light in winter, and artificial lighting should be considered

significance of supplementing light to plants:

1 The overall growth of crops is significantly strengthened, and the fruits are plump and shiny, which can significantly improve the product quality

2. Fill light can ensure that the products are delivered to the market at the time planned in advance, and maintain the price advantage

3. Shorten the delivery time and greatly improve the output

4. Due to the vigorous growth of crops, the ability to resist diseases has been significantly enhanced

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