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Application of plastic packaging containers

the application market of plastic packaging containers is broad. Beverage packaging is the largest market for plastic packaging containers. With the continuous improvement of the overall living standard of society, the demand for plastic containers for all kinds of soft drinks, fruit juices, vegetables and beverages is increasing day by day

polyester bottle is the plastic packaging variety with the fastest market growth and the most attention in recent years. The introduction of a large number of injection, drawing and blowing technology and equipment has promoted the substantial expansion of PET bottle production, and has been recognized by the market for its excellent performance. In just a few years, polyester bottles have become the mainstream materials for various food, beverage, edible oil and other packaging. At the same time, the demand in cosmetics, medicine and other industries is also increasing. According to information, at present, the proportion of PET bottles in carbonated beverage packaging in China has exceeded 60%

the domestic tea beverage market has sprung up. Hot filled ° CPET bottles have become the fastest-growing variety of polyester bottles in recent years, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. Today, the annual output of tea drinks has reached 3million tons

The development of transparent polypropylene packaging bottles is another hot spot in plastic packaging at home and abroad in recent years. The new high transparent PP can be widely used in injection blowing, extrusion blowing, extrusion, thermoforming various containers, food, medicine bottles, etc. its cost performance is suitable. It is a competitor of PS, ABS, pet, PE bottles, and has a broad market prospect

pet material has good barrier property, making it the most important packaging material in various packaging fields such as carbonated beverages, fruit juices, dairy products, tea drinks, mineral water, and almost completely replacing glass packaging in many fields. However, as the largest market for glass packaging, the entry of pet has encountered the greatest resistance, making plastic packaging plants have the most market associations

high barrier technology for beer packaging has always been an important goal pursued by the plastic packaging industry. Various high barrier technologies have been developed by different manufacturers. According to the current market situation, the force measured can not be decomposed into two components: the beginning of tearing and the expansion of tearing, and the multilayer composite process is a barrier technology favored by many manufacturers. Multilayer composite generally adopts the structure that the inner and outer layers are polyester, and the barrier layer adopts EVOH, pen or nylon. Due to the high cost of pen, the axle load of the train has been gradually reduced and will be gradually increased from the existing 23t to 30t. For example, the three-layer composite plastic beer bottle successfully developed by Zhuhai Zhongfu uses EVOH or nylon as the barrier layer. Relatively speaking, the composite process is more complex, but the barrier effect can meet the requirements of beer packaging. And compared with pen, it can obviously reduce the cost. Active oxygen barrier is a new type of barrier technology that has attracted much attention in recent years. INVISTA has developed a single-layer Pet Barrier bottle with active oxygen resistance, which has been tested in some breweries

nanotechnology is also one of the main methods to realize the functionality and barrier of products. American polyester manufacturer and Eastman Chemical Company jointly developed Nylon Nanocomposites for pet coextrusion multi-layer blow molding, I after drug loading ζ Mperm with reduced potential is used as the barrier core material of pet/nylon/pet three-layer bottle. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has also developed LED lighting "capacity" to bring opportunities and challenges to thermoplastics. The successful use of nano PET beer bottles in beer packaging can meet the requirements of long shelf life

although there is still a long way to go for various plastics to be widely used in beer packaging, the continuous development of high barrier technology has made some progress in the application of beer. At the same time, it plays an increasingly important role in the packaging fields with high barrier requirements, such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides, and promotes the further expansion of the plastic packaging market

source: International Plastic Industry

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