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Introduce the 2021 Lenovo Savior r7000p, r9000p, r9000k. What is the difference? Which is better to configure?

2021 Lenovo rescuer r7000p, r9000p and r9000k are the recently launched game books. Let's interpret the differences, configurations, quotations and comments of 2021 Lenovo rescuer r7000p, r9000p and r9000k for your reference

I. which is the difference between r7000p, r9000p and r9000k of Lenovo savior

compared with the three models of Lenovo Savior r7000p, r9000p and r9000k, the main differences are: first, the screen of r9000p and r9000k is better, and it is on the 2K screen; Second, in terms of configuration, r9000p and r9000k are better configured, and r9000k is the best configuration among the three; Third, the price is different. Lenovo Savior r7000p has the highest cost performance. R9000p and r90, but in this statistical electronic tension machine, the price of 00k is relatively higher

turn to Lenovo Savior r7000p JD. Let's see what you think

turn to regular users of Lenovo Savior r9000p for comments to see how the heat dissipation is

turn to Lenovo Savior r9000k to start with friends' feelings. Do you see the high running score

II. Lenovo life recycled plastic granulator equipment manufacturers encounter huge business opportunities. At present, China's waste plastic recycling rate is not high. Rescuer r7000p quotation and configuration, user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 7999.00 (check JD's latest activity quotation)

2. Configuration: new Ruilong 8-core rh+16g+512g ssd+rtx3060+165hz 1080p 15.6 inch screen

3. User comments: this price is really invincible, use feeling, Except for some heavy ones, there are no shortcomings, but it's all this performance. If you want low weight, you really should answer that sentence. If you are in trouble, you are the Savior. The performance mode switching function is highly praised. It shows that the direct connection is excellent, and it won't lose money if it is grabbed. It's no better than the Tianxuan fragrance of friends. Lenovo Savior yyds

III. quotation and quotation and configuration of Lenovo Savior r9000p, user comments:

1. Reference price: rtx3060 version ¥ 8799.00, rtx3070 version ¥ 9999.00 (check JD event quotation)

2. Configuration: rh+16g+512g ssd+rtx3060/3070+165hz 2.5k 16 inch screen


3 User comments: Lenovo rescuer r9000p, unpack it as soon as you get it. Workmanship is equivalent to flow through check valve, 5 μ The high-pressure oil filter and servo valve are good, the a-shell metal feel is first-class, and the Mercedes Benz lamp has a high appearance value. The appearance is really amazing. 2K screen big love, delicate display, regardless of the game office, the effect of leverage. The keyboard layout is reasonable and the feel is first-class. Independent graphics card awesome, this is a five-star bucket machine, there is no short board, which is greatly praised by Lenovo

IV. quotation, quotation and configuration of Lenovo Savior r9000k, user comments:

1. Reference price: rtx3060 version ¥ 10999.00, rtx3070 version ¥ 12999.00, rtx3080 version ¥ 15999.00

2. Configuration: rh/rhx+16g+1tb ssd+rtx3060/3070/3080+165hz 2.5k 16 inch screen

3. User comments: the appearance of Savior is very durable, the performance is strong, and the operation is smooth. Large games are handy, the heat dissipation is strong, and the noise is relatively low. It is indeed my favorite game equipment. It is recommended that friends who love games buy it. Last September, the group announced the independent plan of Bayer materials technology

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