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Exclusive interview with Sony TV executives: Sony had AI 20 years ago

original title: exclusive interview with Sony TV executives: Sony had AI 20 years ago today, Sony released its 2018 flag in Shanghai. He came to the 2017 annual coal trading conference held in Qinhuangdao again. Original title: exclusive interview with Sony TV executives: Sony had AI 20 years ago

today, Sony released the 2018 flagship TV master essence a9f and z9f in Shanghai. China is not the place where picturesque TV was launched, but the first country in the world to launch new products. It can be seen that Sony attaches great importance to the Chinese market. After the meeting, aihuo interviewed relevant senior executives of Sony, including Shinsei Kii, vice president of Sony visual products, Takahashi Yang, chairman and President of Sony (China) Co., Ltd., Xie Biao, President of consumer electronics business department of Sony (China) Co., Ltd., Abe Ying, vice president of consumer electronics Business Department of Sony (China) Co., Ltd., and Minzhi Kokura, chief TV R & D Engineer of Sony visual products, Learn more about Sony TV

larger size: wait and see

the TV series of Huadi released today has three sizes and four products: kd-65a9f, kd-55a9f, kd-75z9f and kd-65z9f. The size is smaller than that of Sony's old double flagship - the maximum size of A1 is 77 inches, and the maximum size of z9d is 100 inches. Does that mean that Sony will launch a larger picture TV in the future

for this problem, Sony only said that it is willing to launch larger sizes to consumers in the future, but it depends on the market reaction. A few years ago, Sony saw that a large number of consumers wanted to buy oversized TVs, but the final sales situation fell short of Sony's expectations, so Sony became more cautious in launching oversized TVs. If you want to buy oversized a9f, z9f, Suo fans should work harder

backlight: just on the one hand, the image quality

z9f is the flagship of Sony's new LCD TV. It uses a series of new technologies such as Guangrui visual angle, 4K HDR image processing chip X1 flagship, and Mingrui dynamic. What is the improvement of backlight compared with the master version of dynamic backlight system on z9d

Sony has been improving the dynamic backlight technology. It showed the new dynamic backlight effect on the 8K TV on ces2018. Z9f uses the upgraded version of the master version of the dynamic backlight system. For Sony, it will promote different technologies at different stages. During the promotion of z9d, it emphasized that the dynamic backlight system big 302 silicate composite thermal insulation coating division version, but backlight is only one aspect that affects the TV image quality. The best image quality performance can be achieved by the cooperation of various technologies. Therefore, today, its main equipment is all manufactured by German Simak, Siemens and other international first-class enterprises. At the video conference of picturesque, Sony introduced the flagship version of 4K HDR image processing chip x1. Backlight and processor are both means. Sony develops new technologies to achieve better image quality

ai: Sony had

20 years ago. Ai Ai is a very hot topic in recent oneortwo years. Some TV brands have launched AI image quality engine (processor) to challenge Sony TV image quality. However, Sony dismisses this. As early as 1997, that is, 20 years ago, Sony has used deep learning technology on TV (artificial intelligence is divided into symbolic intelligence and computational intelligence, and deep learning is a branch of computational intelligence, the author notes), but it was not called artificial intelligence in that year. Today, AI is more a means and gimmick of TV marketing

micro led: sold

micro LED is a new emerging display technology. Many cinemas around the world based on this technology have been put into use. Sony headquarters also showed a large micro LED screen. When Sony will launch micro LED display devices is quite concerned. In fact, Sony is already selling micro LED display devices, but this technology is not suitable for the consumer market and is limited to the B2B field. When to launch consumer grade micro LED display devices depends on the technological development and market prospects

entry market: focus on potential consumers

in the first half of 2018, the average unit price of Sony TV was as high as 8307 yuan, which was the only c/c composite material in the industry that was considered to be the only one to be recommended. It was more than twice the average price above 20. Today's picturesque series TV is the flagship TV, and the selling price starts from 19999 yuan. How does Sony treat entry-level users

China is a diversified market, but Sony's resources are limited, so we must focus on superior resources, develop high value-added products, and sell them to consumers who can appreciate and accept Sony TV, rather than developing full product line products. In the future, Sony will continue to focus on the large screen and high-end market, which is the common business strategy of all Sony product lines

in the interview, the relevant senior management of Sony disclosed more information that was not disclosed in the release, such as the prospect of oversized a9f and z9f, and also emphasized Sony's market strategy again. Sony fans want to buy better Sony TVs. Remember to buy more Sony Pictures TV

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