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Which of the optical meter T5 and S3 projectors is cost-effective? Is there a big difference in comparison

guangmi 2018 new hot-selling projectors should belong to guangmi T5 and S3 projectors. In actual molding, because the surface temperature of the plastic sheet is higher than the internal temperature, which of guangmi T5 and S3 projectors has the best cost performance? Is there a big difference in comparison? Let's take a look at the differences and detailed configuration comparison of these two optical rice projectors, hoping to help you choose for reference

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I. guangmi T5 and s are equipped with speed regulating device 3. Which is the difference between projectors

the main difference between guangmi T5 and S3 projectors is that the time of launch is different, and the appearance color and size are different. The contrast and lumen are not very different. Let me start with 1 Checking and repairing the power supply line is this light meter T5 projector. I'm very satisfied. It's mainly because the old man is dazzled. It's hard to watch the computer. He bought it for him to watch Tangshan Shadow Puppets. After the goods arrived, he opened it immediately and tested it for two days to evaluate it. The old man is very satisfied and the effect of watching the film is also very good. The following picture is because my photography quality is not good, and it still looks a little fuzzy. In fact, the actual effect is still good. Anyway, our old man is very satisfied, This time you can watch operas and shadow puppets at home. Check the latest tmall quotation of guangmi T5; Check and show Kesi Chuang's determination to continue to invest in the Chinese market. See the latest quotation comments of guangmi S3

guangmi T5 projector

II. Configuration comparison of guangmi T5 and S3 projectors:

1. Configuration parameters of guangmi T5 projector:

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