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This year, the output value of China's machinery industry is expected to increase by about 15%. Wangruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation, said on the 27th that the main economic indicators of the machinery industry in 2010 are expected to achieve steady growth. It is expected that the growth rate of production and sales will reach about 15%, the growth rate of profits will reach about 10%, and the growth rate of export earning foreign exchange will reach about 15%

wangruixiang said at the press conference of "2009 economic operation situation and 2010 Forecast of the machinery industry" held by the China Machinery Industry Federation that from the perspective of the domestic demand market, the central government has made it clear that it is necessary to continue to implement an active fiscal policy and a moderately loose monetary policy. It is expected that at the beginning of this year, the economy is expected to continue the momentum of rapid rebound at the end of last year, and domestic demand, including machinery products, is expected to rebound rapidly with good processability, Under the background that all walks of life pay more attention to structural adjustment, the demand for equipment upgrading will be more urgent. This trend is good for the growth of domestic demand in the machinery industry in the long run

from the perspective of the external demand market situation, the world's major economies have started to rebound from the bottom, and the foreign trade market is expected to stop its downward trend, and there will be a restorative growth; At the same time, due to the low base of last year, the year-on-year growth rate of this year is expected to be higher. However, due to the rise of international trade protectionism and its continued expansion and spread, we should not be too optimistic about the export growth. It is expected that the export will be difficult to recover to the level of 2008

from the perspective of industrial policy orientation, the detailed rules for supporting policies in the adjustment and revitalization planning of equipment manufacturing industry and automobile industry are still being issued, and the machinery industry will benefit from this. In addition, the implementation of the value-added tax transformation policy has mobilized and will continue to mobilize the enthusiasm of all users to purchase machinery and equipment, and is also conducive to the machinery enterprises to reduce the fixed asset investment cost of the fixed WDW series microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine. In general, the orientation of industrial policy in 2010 has changed from "maintaining growth" to "adjusting structure", for which we must have enough ideas to be ready

wangruixiang said that although the total demand of the machinery industry has increased steadily this year, the export volume of waste plastics in the United States is 1.42 million tons, but due to the excessive growth of the production capacity of the whole industry, the competition will also be more intense, and the competitive pressure felt by enterprises will continue to increase. Affected by excessive competition, the growth rate of benefits may be lower than that of production and marketing. The growth rate may be higher at the beginning of this year, but it will gradually fall back thereafter, and the annual growth curve will show an obvious trend of "high before low after"

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