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Integrated application of needle punched non-woven fabric production line based on Delta Electromechanical Products

Abstract: This paper mainly discusses the system integrated application principle of Delta Electromechanical Products in needle punched non-woven fabric production line. The project shows the system integration advantages of electromechanical automation products of homogeneous platform

key words: acupuncture machine; Frequency converter; interface; PLC

1 Introduction

non woven fabrics are widely used in daily life, industrial production and even civil engineering and medical health in developed countries. Since 1990, China has had a modern non-woven fabric production capacity through the introduction of European fully automated production line equipment for light, machinery, electricity, gas and liquid. According to the concept of mechanical and electrical engineering, modern non-woven fabric is a typical high-tech automation equipment intensive industry. For example, since 1990, a listed company has introduced more than 60 sets of PLC from five European automatic production lines, with a total of more than 3700 i/o points; There are more than 120 frequency converters, and 23 permanent magnet synchronous AC adjustable speed self cooling sealing motors are integrated in a carding machine unit, which has reached the world's advanced level. The annual production capacity of five lines is 10000 tons, and there are only 40 employees in a single shift. It has the most advanced R & D and production capacity of Spunlaced non-woven fabrics in Asia

the scientific name of textile engineering of non-woven fabrics is nonwoven. The nonwovens process is completely different from the traditional spinning weaving process. The biggest feature of nonwovens is that it does not need the spinning process. Its "weaving" process is more similar to the papermaking process. Nonwovens usually realize the continuous processing process from fiber to fabric on a production line. The nonwoven production line "eats" fiber and "spits" cloth. Refer to figure 1 needle punched non-woven fabric process. The horizontal entangled sheets, fibers or flocs made of directional or randomly arranged fibers through friction, hugging, bonding or a combination of these methods are entangled into cloth in the direction of vertical cloth surface through the needle punching unit. Because there is no traditional spinning and weaving process, it is called non-woven fabric

Figure 1 needle punched non-woven fabric process

the cotton feeding box, opener and air pressure cotton box in Figure 1 change dense fibers into fluffy and messy fibers and send them to the carding machine inlet. The carding machine combs the fibers into thick and thin fibers and sends them to the paver. The paver stacks the sent fibers into multiple layers according to the weight requirements and sends them to the needle punching machine, which spins them into fiber sheets made of mutual combination. The non-woven fabric production line system is a large system that seems to be independent of each other, but it restricts each other. This paper will take the acupuncture unit as the object to integrate the automatic acupuncture non-woven fabric production line

2 introduction of Delta Electromechanical

since the first frequency converter was launched, Delta Electromechanical has been able to provide customers with a series of products such as PLC controller, temperature controller, counter, man-machine interface, variable frequency driver, servo driver, numerical control system, etc., and has been able to provide customers with perfect and reliable electromechanical integration solutions. Shantou Sanhui enterprise is an enterprise mainly engaged in the production of non-woven machinery. It has cooperated with Zhongda Diantong for many years, and has given strong support and high trust to delta products, and has achieved very good results. Taking the production line of acupuncture machine set produced by Sanhui enterprise as an example, this paper briefly expounds the integrated application and advantages of delta electromechanical products

3 the automation system is integrated into the horizontal and vertical combustion measuring instrument to form a plan

3.1 the overall technical route

(1) the storage capacity and processing speed of PLC. For the whole production line, the amount of data operation and logic operation is large, and the 16K capacity is far from enough. The processing speed of a single PLC will affect the stability of production

(2) layout and equipment operation of acupuncture production line. All machines are decentralized, and centralized operation will bring inconvenience to production, but if decentralized operation, it must bring about the distance between man-machine and PLC and the wiring between PLC and controlled unit

(3) equipment combination mode. Usually, users of a complete production line will purchase products with superior performance or price from the manufacturer of production equipment, or adopt different equipment combinations according to their own products, so the combination of each production line may be completely different

to sum up, in order to facilitate installation, facilitate the integration of the whole line, and improve system performance, the system is designed according to the single machine design and free combination mode (see Figure 2 and figure 3), that is, each acupuncture machine uses a PLC, a man-machine, and each acupuncture machine provides an online interface. When users with different needs form a production line, the control is as long as each machine is connected to the control bus, and the single machine program does not need to be modified, The changes are only in the main controller

Figure 2 the connection between man-machine and PLC adopts RS232 mode

Delta's drivers, controllers, man-machine interfaces and other products are equipped with RS485 interfaces. The communication mode is convenient for installation and low price, so the convenience of communication can be fully used when planning the control mode of the whole production line. Therefore, the following two methods can be drawn up: in Figure 2, RS232 is used for PLC and man-machine connection, analog quantity transmits speed signal (considering the real-time problem of communication), frequency converter is given by PLC communication, and function terminal gives command. In Figure 3 mode, RS485 is used for PLC and man-machine connection, analog quantity transmits speed signal, frequency of frequency converter is given by man-machine COM3 communication, and command is given by function terminal. The difference between the two lies in the frequency converter control source. Although the effect is the same, the method in Figure 3 far enhances the communication distance between man-machine and PLC, that is, for this system, the range of man-machine placement will be very wide, which is more suitable for the distribution and installation of production lines. Therefore, this system is designed according to figure 3

Figure 3 the connection between man-machine and PLC adopts RS485 mode

as shown in Figure 3, this system will use frequency converter, PLC and man-machine interface. According to the volume and driving capacity of the model, delta inverter has several series products. Because VFD-B series inverter supports vector closed-loop control and has strong low-frequency driving capacity, while the needle machine system has high requirements for speed stability, and the positioning mode operation requires low-speed and large torque, the VFD-B with high cost performance is adopted in this system. The man-machine adopts dop-ae series with two RS485 and the PLC adopts dvp-sa with good cost performance

3.2 human machine interface design

the operation interface mainly realizes the monitoring operation of acupuncture, feeding, discharging, stripping, supporting and communication between machines. The single machine interface design is divided into five parts: startup screen, main screen, parameter setting screen, manual operation screen, recipe screen and help screen. Before designing the user interface, the module parameters must be designed according to the control scheme. First, the controller selection and control area setting: the controller uses delta controller ASCII, and the length of the control area is set to 8; The second is the setting of communication mode and communication port. Dop-ae provides one RS232 port and two RS485 ports (or one RS422 port). During design, as long as the direction and communication format of the two RS485 ports are specified in the communication item of module parameter setting. Only after these two steps are completed can we have the following in-depth design

Figure 5 main screen of single machine

(1) see Figure 5 and Figure 6 for the main screen

the function of the main screen of a single machine is that the user can most directly understand the operation status of the local machine, production data and the connection status of the adjacent equipment of the production line. Therefore, the main screen is divided into three parts in the design: data and status monitoring area; Page changing area; Control area. The data and status monitoring area monitors the process action status and operation data, including acupuncture times, acupuncture time, acupuncture density, acupuncture frequency, drafting ratio, feeding and discharging speed, etc., in which the acupuncture time and acupuncture times can clear the current value under authorization, and the system will pop up the needle change prompt after the acupuncture time or acupuncture times reach the set value; The page changing area completes the switching of each page, and the user can directly switch to the corresponding page for operation as required; The manual operation control area controls the operation of the oil pump and the acupuncture action, feeding and discharging operation. After pressing "run" in the main screen, the manual stop of the oil pump in this screen is invalid, and the system will continue to run according to the set frequency. In the running state, the needling frequency can be adjusted in real time. In the linkage state, the modification of needling density will directly affect the feeding and discharging speed, but the drafting ratio will remain constant. In the non linkage state, the user can manually change the needling frequency and feeding and discharging speed (i.e. drafting ratio) 。

Figure 6 main screen of the main screen

the main screen of the whole line has a higher priority than the operation of the main screen of the single machine. Once the main screen of the whole line adds a certain machine to the linkage state, the local operation of the machine will be invalid until it is released. There are two ways to command the on-line machine start and stop. One is to send a command from the main screen of the whole line and set the ordered machine to the on-line state; Another way is to hand over the authorization of the needle thread to the front spinning machine, and the needle thread is in the standby state. This way is implemented by shaking hands, that is, after the needle thread is ready to send a ready signal, the front spinning machine will send a running signal and a speed signal after receiving the signal. Once the ready signal is terminated, the needle machine unit will also stop

(2) refer to figure 7 for the parameter setting screen. For the sake of data security and program compatibility, the parameter setting interface lists user parameters and manufacturer parameters, so the parameter setting requires level password authentication, and users with different authorization levels can only modify parameters within the scope of authorization. The most advanced user can modify the authorization password of each level at any time

Figure 7 parameter setting screen

(3) see Figure 8 for manual screen. The purpose of manual operation is for debugging. The user can operate the feeding roller, discharge roller, needle, support plate, stripping plate and oil pump at will, and is no longer constrained by other conditions. In addition, through manual operation, users can also find appropriate production parameters through experiments

figure 8 manual screen

(4) see Figure 9 for the recipe screen. Delta DOP series provides formula function, and provides a convenient and easy-to-use formula device similar to excel, so that users can easily formula; And in the 64K storage space, you can input multiple groups of recipes at the same time, and download multiple groups of recipes at a time. The system uses internal memory to switch at the man-machine end, and the user can flexibly call the empirical formula from the screen, record the current formula or write the production formula. The formula capacity of program design is 500 groups, and each group includes acupuncture frequency, acupuncture frequency doubling, bracket position, stripping position, and feeding speed. In the linkage state of the whole line, the formula content can be downloaded on the platform or through the upper computer. When using the upper computer to download the formula, because the support plate will be automatically calibrated after the download is successful, the machines on the production line are relatively scattered. For safety reasons, the design requires that the operators must confirm that the conditions of each machine allow them to download data

(5) see Figure 10 for the help screen. As the man-machine interface is directly connected to the controller, as long as the designer expresses the controller information on the man-machine interface, the end user will be able to understand various operation information of the equipment, and the detailed wizard will help the user maintain

the system is divided into several parts in the help file: first, the fault information of the electrical part, including the status information of PLC and the status information of frequency converter sampled by PLC; The second is mechanical information, including mechanical position information and hydraulic system information. All these information users will get more perfect processing instructions on the help screen or provide useful information for manufacturer services

3.3 man machine macro program planning and design

see Figure 11, because each

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