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The number of registered people of biometric identification system provided by NEC for India's aadhaar project exceeded 1billion

the cost, effect and effectiveness of aadha project, which is provided by NEC with biometric identification system and led by India's national ID authority (uidai) and can issue unique ID for each national, are much higher than that of manual construction. As of April 2016, its number of registered people has exceeded 1billion. NEC has contributed to this project by providing a large biometric system integrating fingerprint, facial iris and other technologies

the national ID authority of India aims to create a society in which citizens can enjoy public services and financial services fairly, so it vigorously promotes the aadhaar project, which can collect and manage information including national names, addresses and biometrics. Each national registered in the system will receive a fixed 12 digit national ID. Public authorities and banks will confirm whether the applicants who enjoy social security and open bank accounts are themselves based on this national ID

it is very important to prevent the duplicate issuance of national ID. The large biometric system provided by NEC uses fingerprint, face and iris to avoid repeated registration of the same person. The former is expensive. During processing, the system will compare the biological information of new applicants with the biological information of more than 1 billion people who have registered under the principle of "giving consideration to promotion". 100 people can be processed in a day. The characteristic of experiments with a specified method of mechanical movement is that there are more than 10000 registration applications, so as to achieve high-precision and efficient comparison, prevent impersonation and simplify relevant procedures

nec's fingerprint recognition technology and face recognition technology won the world's first praise in the benchmark test held by the National Institute of standards and technology. NEC also adjusts the identification algorithm in real time according to the requirements of the aadhaar project

nec group is committed to promoting social solutions worldwide, providing reassuring, safe, efficient and fair social values, and contributing to a more colorful society through advanced ICT technology

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