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NEC has successfully developed high-strength bioplastics with kenaf

NEC has successfully developed bioplastics with kenaf fiber as reinforcing material in polylactic acid. This kind of bioplastics has good heat resistance and strength, and can be used in high-end applications such as electronic products

according to NEC, the plastics made of plant materials developed in the past should have good dimensional stability in electronic products and other fields. When they are used, they are prone to thermal deformation and fragility. NEC increased the thermal deformation temperature from 67 ℃ to 120 ℃ and the flexural elasticity from 4.5GPa (kPa) to 7.6gpa by adding about 20% kenaf fiber to polylactic acid. Thus, the characteristics of petroleum based resins are better than those of ABS resin and ABS resin with glass fiber added. In addition, it also ensures the fluidity and moisture resistance of polylactic acid during forming

kenaf not only grows fast, but also has the highest level of carbon dioxide absorption capacity in plants. Therefore, it is generally believed that it has a very high function of preventing the global greenhouse effect. 2. Control panel inspection. In the past, it has been used as a substitute for existing materials such as fiber materials of paper and feed. NE medical industry has always been the main business of Solvay. C said that the successful development of bioplastics has further expanded the use of kenaf

the kenaf fiber used in this development is provided by Japan's nature trust company. In the future, NEC can obtain a stable supply of goods when this technology is actually applied. NEC plans to apply the developed plastic to electronic products in the next two years

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