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Cosmetics packaging for different age groups

although there is no age limit for the pursuit of beauty, beauty products are not. The formula, packaging design and marketing of beauty products may be very different because of the people the brand faces. Therefore, when we observe the two extremes of the beauty product purchase group: consumers under the age of 20 and consumers over the age of 50, this difference is obvious

the consumer group under the age of 20 is undoubtedly greatly affected by age. Industry experts have pointed out that the consumer population under the age of 20 is being divided into several distinct small groups: newborns (aged 2 and under), toddlers (aged 3 to 5), children (aged 5 to 7), adolescents (aged 8 to 12) and adolescents (aged 13 to 19). Although a younger consumer group may choose a brand for the older group to communicate, the opposite situation generally does not occur. In the first 19 years of their lives, children's interests and purchase motives were different, and changed greatly. Of course, there is also something in common, that is, the choice they buy depends on the appearance of the package, which is basically how the whole consumer group buys. Some experts have concluded that the elements are: interesting packaging, unique distribution system, bold patterns, and collections and limited editions are also very attractive to this field. Although these packages have similarities, there are also many differences. As many series capture the rapid growth characteristics of this group, the personal care industry has recently gained a foothold among the youngest consumer groups. From the influence of authorized cartoon images or the use of interesting image packaging, it can work well among young consumers. But putting aside cartoons and characters suitable for teenagers full of whimsical ideas, a study found that fashion is important even at the age of eight. According to a research report "American youth market" published on packaged facts last May, more than 40% of year-old girls say they like to follow the latest fashion. The product packaging for this group needs to be full of fun, but also fashionable and go its own way. Positive impact on the world of young people. The fashionable appearance of products is not the only factor attracting young people. Experts also pointed out that teenagers want brands to be a part of their lives, and they also want brands to have a positive impact on their world. For example, Burt's bees, an environmentally friendly brand, is a leading youth brand. Under different control measures, sto of revelations perfect cosmetics also realizes that teenagers expect a brand that has a positive impact on them. The stoked collection covers perfume, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, lipstick and lip gloss. This series is sold in Claire's, target and surf stores, and its target consumer group is young people aged. These products are packaged in smart containers in the shape of surfboards, and the packaging is provided by Italian mold makers maticplast and PMP. The spokesperson of this series is Bethany Hamilton, a famous American surfer who lost his arm in a shark attack. The relevant person in charge of revelations perfect chemistry said, "we regard Bethany as a real example for the children. She has recovered from that tragic accident, and now she is returning to surfing and winning - this is the real endorsement to tell the children how to overcome difficulties and never say die." "Most importantly, we have promised that part of our brand profits will be used for Bethany charitable foundation world vision." That is, the transverse diameter of the wear spot; However, although teenagers have a positive response to brands that devote themselves to charity, they are not loyal to brands. Some experts also believe that the trouble of this young market lies in its variety and almost no brand loyalty; However, on the other hand, this variability and lack of loyalty is a good opportunity for brand growth, if the product is properly marketed and designed. Young consumers have more and more disposable income, and they will definitely be affected by the effects of celebrities, such as pop singers. For example, Rimmel hired Kate Moss, a famous model, as a spokesperson. In the beauty industry, celebrity endorsements can be seen everywhere. But is brand celebrity endorsement an effective short-term method for young people? The "American youth market" report points out that teenagers are increasingly questioning traditional marketing methods, such as celebrity endorsements. Therefore, marketers in the youth market must constantly seek innovative ways to attract the attention of teenagers who are deeply multifunctional and technology driven. Many brands have also found that they can succeed through co branding, such as bonne bell and Dr. Pepper (providing a kind of scented lip gloss). Experts also suggested two other ways to influence the youth market through packaging. The two most influential elements in the design of packaging are the structure and color of the packaging. If you have a shape or color with structural characteristics, you are very likely to stand out or be remembered in similar products. When you communicate with young people, you will find that their color association skills are very mature. In a word, they are more addicted to media, pay more attention to visual effects than their previous generation, and contact things faster. The common description of American baby boomers over the age of 50 is that they are aging, they are rich, and they are numerous. And now the consumer group over the age of 50 does not only include a generation, they are defined as people aged. Some experts also pointed out that although this group is nearly 50 years old or even more than 50 years old, if you call them old, they will still feel uncomfortable, because they may think that old age should be over 70 years old. Aging baby boomers don't feel old, and they don't behave like old people. Industry experts pointed out that this elderly consumer group also likes activities that are traditional to young people and young culture: Tourism and backpacking are more acceptable to the elderly over the age of 50, because they are already empty nesters (their children are independent), rich and retire early. So how should marketers attract the older generation of consumers who don't feel or show aging? How can marketing and packaging face consumers over 50 without making them feel isolated? This may be a difficult task, but it is important to complete it. The consumer group over 50 years old is a group with high brand loyalty and is unlikely to change to other brands. This provides a huge business opportunity for beauty brands. Experts point out that if you can catch 50 year old consumers and they are very satisfied with your products, you will still have this consumer group when they are 75 years old. There is no secret to the rapid growth of anti-aging products. But what is unlikely to be known is the target consumer group of these series. Of course, there is no doubt that baby boomers are also buying anti-aging products, but the market is shifting to people in their thirties and forties to try to catch younger consumers. Avon has recently launched the agency results series, a set of three cream: day cream, eye cream and night cream. The target group of this series is consumers who are beginning to notice signs of aging on their skin, but hope not only to improve their appearance but also to prevent further damage. Therefore, the relevant person in charge of Avon said that the target consumer group of this series is people around the age of 30. The packaging of agency results makes use of fresh lines and easy-to-use covers. For its daytime products, the vacuum pump provided by American WIKO is used for packaging. It is reported that the color arrangement of this package has light purple tones of black and silver - it was selected because it reflects the anti-aging characteristics of the product. Products for people aged 50 if anti-aging products are not for people aged over 50, what are these mature women buying? Some insiders pointed out that this consumer group is not really promoted products, especially cosmetics. However, some marketers have joined the industry. Revlon's vital radiance series is designed for women over the age of 50. This mass market series with more than 100 cosmetics was launched last year. According to the company, Revlon is one of the few companies to follow up this market with a series of products aimed at reducing molasses for the elderly over 50 years old. This is not only from the formula of cosmetics to people over the age of 50, but also actually increases the font size on the package, because we know that we need to promote it to older consumer groups. In other words, their marketing is targeted, not only through models of the right age, but also through their recipes and packaging to convey relevant information. However, despite careful planning, Revlon announced in August that its product sales in the second quarter were not satisfactory, because retailers reduced the shelf space of vital radiance. L'Oreal also hopes that its targeted products will perform better. The company pointed out that L'Oreal Paris' Age Perfect Pro calcium series was positioned to meet the "skin care needs of women over 60" to promote, and won Diane Keaton, known as the "evergreen tree of Hollywood", as the spokesperson. This series of products aims to restore and maintain skin density and its substances through local calcium treatment. It has been launched in the United States since July this year. According to the company, this series of products are luxurious in packaging and are aimed at women who love beauty art. So how can you attract people over 50 through packaging? Some experts believe that if products are expressed in a way aimed at the elderly, aging consumers often won't buy them. If they see the image of gray haired people on the poster, they may think it is not suitable for them. Therefore, for the success of this kind of product packaging, it should be universal design. Experts suggest that if a model is to be used in packaging, choose a model about ten years younger than the consumer group you are actually targeting, but put the model in a related scene, such as appearing with graduates to reflect the identity of the model. We should also consciously use functional design elements. Because many women over the age of 50 are losing sight, larger fonts and thicker lines are very helpful. In addition, easy to open containers and easy to hold shapes are also very helpful. For example, for products suitable for use in wet environments, their packaging shape should be shaped in an ergonomic way to facilitate better grip, rather than a straight shape that is easy to slide. The importance of packaging color is not

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