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NEC provides seal and travel app services based on facial recognition to Sanhao City, Japan

nec provides seal and travel app services based on facial recognition to Sanhao City, Japan

-- contribute to the revitalization of local tourism through advanced ICT technology

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coincides with the 2017 world rafting Championships, NEC provides stamp and travel app services based on facial recognition technology for tourists visiting Sanhao City, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

Sanhao city can be used as a rafting Championship venue, such as the great dangerous gorge designated as a national natural monument, the zugu Kudo bridge, one of the three strange bridges in Japan, and the villages full of the original landscape of mountain villages. After making full use of the resources with local charm, Sanhao City is committed to creating an experiential tourism destination, so it has attracted a large number of foreign tourists in recent years. NEC hopes to support Sanhao city to attract more tourists and further publicize the charm of the local area through the service provided this time. The gauge distance measurement of rubber is an important link in the tensile experiment

[N1. The experimental process, measurement, display, analysis, etc. are all completed by the microcomputer. The summary of the service content provided by EC this time]

1. Seal service based on face recognition technology

in order to attract repeat customers, NEC provides seal service based on AI led neoface, which ranks first in the world in recognition accuracy (note). Compare the registered face image with the face image taken by the tablet terminal at the seal place, and the seal can be completed by taking a picture of the face. In addition, in addition to real-time control of the total number of participants and seals, it can also prevent accidents. Because it is verified through the cloud environment, it simplifies the equipment that needs to be placed in the site

2. Tourism app

as a part of entertaining tourists attentively, Sanhao municipal government specially launched an app that supports Japanese and English, introducing the overview of the 2017 world rafting Championships, the location of the venue and the tourist attractions around the venue. By analyzing the gender, age, international and other user information collected when loading the app and the use of the stamping function, it provides a basis for formulating future tourism policies

Heichuan Zheng, mayor of Sanhao City, said that Sanhao city is hosting the world rafting Championship for the first time. We look forward to taking this opportunity to let the world recognize the charm of Sanhao City, so as to promote the development of local tourism. We hope that the stamp service and tourism app provided to tourists this time can provide contestants and tourists participating in the 2017 world rafting championship with relevant information about the championship and the charm of Sanhao City, promote the development of surrounding tourism, and make more people realize the charm of Sanhao city

nec group is committed to promoting social solutions on a global scale, providing reassuring, safe, efficient and fair social values, integrating advanced ICT technology with knowledge, and contributing to a brighter, richer and more efficient society

The lithium concentrate provided to the company will increase by 75000 tons/year; If the company participates in the subsequent private placement of Pilbara

note: NEC won the title of NIST video face recognition performance test

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