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NEC's new technology can increase the communication speed of submarine cables by 30%

submarine communication cables usually transmit information by transmitting light and dark signals of light spots through optical fibers. Since the light will weaken after long-distance transmission, it is necessary to set an amplifier to enhance the light every tens of kilometers. NEC improves the performance of the amplifier, making it impossible to adjust the speed valve when transmitting a large amount of data. The rapid rise of the speed valve is prone to attenuation

the amplifier receives power from the copper wire in the submarine cable and operates. Usually, if you want to improve performance, you need more power, so you need to thicken the copper wire, and the diameter of the cable will also increase, resulting in the expansion of the laying cost. NEC can improve the performance of the amplifier without changing the cable thickness by suppressing the power consumption of the amplifier

this technology can increase the communication speed of submarine cable by 30% compared with today, and can transmit 5000 DVDs of data in one second. Products using new technologies will be commercialized as early as the spring of 2019. The price is expected to be flat with the existing products

as enterprises expand the use of cloud services, the commercialization of 5g, a new generation of high-speed and high-capacity communication standard, and the popularity of IOT, the global data traffic continues to expand. According to Cisco Systems, the global data traffic will increase by 2.5 times by 2022

in addition to TONG4, manual hydraulic universal material testing machine information company, large IT enterprises also began to step up investment. According to the statistics of TeleGeography, an American research company, one third of the global submarine cables completed from 2016 to 2020 were funded by Google and Facebook. Large IT enterprises strive to reduce service prices through independent infrastructure construction

according to research and markets, an Irish research company, the market size of submarine cables, including maintenance and other service fields, has reached US $11.7 billion by 2018, and will expand to US $20.9 billion by 2023

nec, tesubco of the United States, when used as materials, require high-molecular polymers to have necessary mechanical properties m and norgi of Finland to build a supply and demand docking platform for the new materials industry. The sub subsidiary accounts for about 9% of the submarine cable market. At present, the communication speed of submarine cables of various companies is considered to be at the same level, and NEC hopes to advance technology development to expand market share. The late Huawei Technology in China also strives to expand its business

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