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Nearly 200 rubber tire related enterprises in Zhejiang Province will promote emission reduction work

nearly 200 tire related enterprises in Zhejiang Province will be "cared for" by the focus of emission reduction actions. A few days ago, Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Department issued the notice on doing a good job in the total control of volatile organic compounds

the notice shows that the province is vigorously promoting the key emission reduction of VOCs, and has set the goal of reducing the province's VOCs emissions by 20% on the basis of 2015, and reducing the emission reduction of key projects by 255000 tons by 2020

in order to achieve this goal, Zhejiang province implements the whole process prevention and control measures of "source reduction, process control and end treatment", and focuses on promoting the VOCs control of 16 provincial-level gas-related key areas, as well as petrochemical, rubber, metal material testing machines, which can not be ignored in the use of these inspection shoe-making and other key industries

for regions and enterprises that have not completed the VOCs emission reduction targets, the provincial environmental protection department will suspend the EIA approval of their new VOCs emission construction projects

Zhejiang Province has also established a "one plant, one policy and one file" system to promote the upgrading of process technology, and comprehensively carry out leakage detection and facility repair in petrochemical and continuous production chemical enterprises

in addition, the province strictly controls the VOCs increment of construction projects. In areas where the air quality does not meet the national secondary standard, the new VOCs emissions will be forcibly reduced by 1.5 times or 2 times

Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Department said that it would carry out VOCs supervisory monitoring for key enterprises, establish a mechanism of "strict prevention at the source, strict management in the process and severe punishment for the consequences", carry out special law enforcement actions on VOCs, and severely crack down on experts from Evonik. The main work is to improve the impact and fatigue resistance of the completed hull made of glass fiber and vinyl ester resin, and various environmental violations. Many experimental machines that literally look similar are not the same

it is understood that, as a major emitter of VOCs, tire, rubber and petrochemical enterprises are the first to become the targets of governance of Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau

according to insiders, nearly 200 tire related enterprises in the province will be "taken care of" by the focus of this emission reduction action, and their normal production may be greatly affected

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