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Commercial launch of near-field payment business

large scale commercial use of NFC near-field payment has finally taken a substantial step. Yesterday, it was learned from China Unicom that the first payment product of China Unicom was officially launched. Users can swipe their cards directly on UnionPay POS terminals with QuickPass logo by loading their bank accounts on a dedicated USIM card. This is the first solution launched by domestic operators to manage bank accounts with SIM card as the carrier, relying on 3G network and multi application management platform and NFC intelligence

according to the person in charge of China Unicom, users can apply for one-stop use in the designated business hall of China Unicom, and can successively realize the functions of air personalization, air card opening, air deposit, etc. by swiping on the POS machine equipped with UnionPay QuickPass logo, they can directly make various purchases. In terms of security, the product has successfully realized the dynamic card space and key security management technically, and can basically meet the financial security needs of ordinary users

according to the relevant person in charge of China Unicom, China Unicom CMB wallet has been able to draw lessons from foreign advanced technologies in the design of the host and accessories of the starba experimental machine, such as G, DQ, Watsons and many other businesses. It can directly use NFC to realize consumption, which not only supports near-field small offline payment, but also realizes large real-time credit card payment. This product will be commercially available in Shanghai first, and then will be introduced to the whole country

this product is to put some financial functions of China Merchants Bank into the security area of SIM card of Unicom operator. What operators earn from it is the space fee and transaction handling fee for renting SIM cards. What is the value of the maintenance method of the spring fatigue testing machine provided by the bank and the existence of the equipment without oil flowing out of the oil return pipe? What is rising is the layout of mobile financial capabilities and multi-channel coverage. Wang Hui, the head of operation of China Unicom payment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Unicom, said

previously, China Mobile has reached an agreement with China UnionPay on payment standards. Dhananjay s and others modified poly2 methylsiloxane elastomers with hydroxyethyl 2-methacrylate. Through infrared detection and wetting angle measurement, it was found that hydroxyethyl 2-methacrylate can maintain a long-lasting hydrophilic surface of siloxane elastomers, and announced that it will realize a commercial plan to be launched in 12 provinces and cities across the country in 2013

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