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Negative factors increase, cyclohexanone has limited upward space

recently, affected by the increased procurement of downstream caprolactam plants, the maintenance of manufacturers Shandong Hongye and Yangmei Fengxi, and the signing of a large number of export orders by Shandong Hualu Hengsheng, the cyclohexanone market has experienced short-term supply tension and price inflation. Yangmei Fengxi cyclohexanone increased by 300 yuan per ton. However, the negative factors increased in the later period, and it is expected that there is limited room to push up, so the possibility of price reduction cannot be ruled out

it is understood that since pure benzene, the raw material of cyclohexanone, may still be reduced, Shandong Hongye, the manufacturer of cyclohexanone, has started operation on June 3; Hualu Hengsheng's sales volume will return to normal on June 10; On June 3, the crude alcohol ketone of Shandong Zhonglian chemical went offline. With the strong support of the state, the finished products of cyclohexanone 229 building wooden doors and windows will be sold out in the middle and late June; Yangmei Fengxi plans to maintain for 15 days, and will start on June 16 to avoid accidents; Shandong Haili also said that a small amount of cyclohexanone may be sold out in the late days. Under the background that the supply of cyclohexanone will avoid increasing rust in the short term, the downstream adipic acid and caprolactam industries suffer serious losses. Therefore, the room for cyclohexanone market to rise this round is limited

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