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NEC creates an o2o platform for home-based elderly care, advocating that "elderly care is a state of life"

at present, China is ushering in the wave of aging, and the issue of elderly care has attracted social attention. Data show that by the end of 2015, China's elderly population over the age of 60 had reached 222million, accounting for about 16.1% of the total population; 143 million people over 65 years old, accounting for about 10.5% of the total population; It is estimated that by 2025, the total elderly population in China will be nearly 300million. The rapid growth rate of population aging, the large scale of turning 90 degrees to the left and the long duration make the problem of providing for the aged in China increasingly serious. The focus of the whole society is to rely on and cultivate the old

compared with countries with perfect pension services such as Japan and Sweden, China's pension industry as a whole is in its infancy. Facing the huge business opportunities in China's pension market, all kinds of capital have entered the market, and many foreign pension brands have also rushed to the Chinese market. As a social solution provider, NEC not only has strong technical support, but also has accumulated rich experience in the process of cooperation with Japanese pension institutions. The Chinese market is one of NEC's key markets in the global layout. NEC hopes to help China solve a series of pension issues through advanced ICT technology

nec smart elderly care solution is a smart elderly care operation informatization solution combining big data mining, cloud computing, sensing and other technologies, equipped with NEC's precision positioning system, face recognition system, PBX call center and other systems, as well as the hospital's his, LIS, PACS and other systems. Through cooperation and alliance with government agencies, hospitals, elderly care apartments and other elderly care service institutions, integrate elderly care industry resources, expand business scope, improve service level, and create a win-win and mutually beneficial ecosystem

create an o2o platform for home-based elderly care, so that the elderly can enjoy a comfortable elderly care

from the perspective of Chinese elderly care concept and actual situation, 90% of Chinese elderly people choose to provide for their aged at home and do not tend to provide for their aged in elderly care institutions. Home care has become the most suitable way of providing for the aged in China. However, at present, the domestic elderly care service industry pays more attention to the hardware needs of the elderly, and does not involve too much in health and psychological needs. The mismatch between demand and supply puts forward new requirements for the elderly care service market. In this regard, NEC has carried out a lot of exploration and practice with partners in the field of home-based elderly care. It launched the home-based elderly care information management platform in April this year and officially launched it in August

pension is a state of life, not just how high the living environment is, but also the elderly need emotional communication and communication, and practitioners in the pension industry need to understand the real needs of this state for 10 years. This is the modern pension concept of safety, health and humanistic care advocated by NEC. NEC not only provides service support for the elderly in terms of life hardware, but also pays more attention to the physical and mental health of the elderly. It is the pursuit of NEC elderly care products to make the elderly feel care and companionship in home-based elderly care

nec's home-based elderly care solution adopts the new mode of Internet + elderly care, integrates elderly care industry resources, creates an o2o service platform, and provides personalized customized home-based elderly care services for the elderly through the collection and integration of a large number of offline data. When the elderly or their children have needs, they can place orders at any time through mobile terminals such as apps,,, computers, etc., and their service needs are transmitted to the operators through the network. The operators will send service personnel in time through system classification and matching user needs according to the selection or actual situation of the elderly, so as to provide home economics, medical treatment, psychology and other related services for the elderly, so as to solve the diversified service needs of the elderly

intelligent elderly care operation information management platform

the elderly safety intelligent care solution launched by NEC provides intelligent day/night real-time safety care services for the elderly based on sensor technology and data mining and analysis technology. This set of solutions focuses on the safety of the elderly, and adopts the non probation design, so that the elderly have no use burden, while protecting privacy. Whether indoors or outdoors, the elderly can be informed of their health status, safety factor, and even some emergencies at the first time, and provide immediate help; Let children know the situation of the elderly in real time, and truly make children feel at ease. In terms of smart hardware, NEC will also launch a set of home safety systems such as smart pillows and smart mattresses to protect the elderly at home

in addition, NEC also provides an information-based management and operation platform for elderly care facility operators, providing them with solutions from order placing, management, charging, platform maintenance and other links, forming a mature commercial operation system

innovative service technology, NEC has entered into a cardiotonic for institutional elderly care

in China's 9073 elderly care model, 90% of the elderly care at home, 7% of the elderly care in the community, and 3% of the elderly are guaranteed through institutional elderly care. Driven by a series of national policies, institutional pension has gradually developed into an important way of social pension

nec launched the smart elderly care operation information management platform NEC I-CARE platform for the operators of elderly care institutions. This is an operation management system developed by NEC based on the information management knowledge and experience of the elderly care industry in Japan and the needs of the elderly care industry in China, including NEC elderly care information management subsystem, elderly care community personnel positioning and emergency call management subsystem The intelligent recognition and management subsystem of elderly care community personnel and the intelligent voice and management subsystem of elderly care community, etc. The product was officially released in China in 2011. At present, it has been actually implemented in a large pension chain institution in Beijing, Shijingshan elderly care home and other institutions, and has received social attention and praise

force, displacement deformation (that is, the extended counting system, which takes the elderly as the center for standardized management, establishes a standardized system of elderly care services through systematic management tools, and comprehensively improves the elderly care service capacity of nursing homes. When the elderly faint in the nursing home or other sudden emergencies, through the help call and precise positioning system, we can accurately locate the scene of the accident and send out a call for help alarm, and provide efficient, accurate and fast help support for the elderly Provide guarantee for the safety of; Based on environmental quality inspection, NEC can provide visual air quality monitoring data for the elderly; Intelligent biometric monitoring can prevent the elderly from getting lost, manage visiting customers and improve community safety; Community intelligent voice management supports multiple users to access at the same time, and comprehensively improves service capabilities. The ingenious integration of modern information technology and the operation of elderly care institutions makes the elderly care institutions more safe and secure

it is worth mentioning that NEC's intelligent elderly care operation information management platform especially incorporates Japan's advanced nursing experience, and provides professional nursing means according to different levels by rating the physical state of the elderly. It can be seen that NEC's smart elderly care solution provides not only domestic services to meet the needs of the elderly, but also higher-level nursing services

at present, there are more than 40000 pension institutions in China, but less than 20% of them really have the ability of medical services, and few of them have achieved actual revenue. NEC is currently a smart elderly care solution provider that has both home-based elderly care and institutional elderly care, and has actual landing users; By providing modern elderly care concepts and information-based management means, we will help elderly care institutions carry out smart elderly care transformation, and comprehensively improve the level of institutional elderly care and elderly care services

with the increasing policy support of the Chinese government for the elderly care service industry, the relevant supporting policies are also being improved and implemented one by one, which has vigorously promoted the rapid development of the elderly care industry. The elderly care and elderly care services and other related industries are expected to take the lead in benefiting. NEC's scientific pension concept and information management platform will provide strong services and support for the current operation service providers of the pension industry, help them change the current situation of poor profitability, and truly realize the win-win situation of the coexistence of smart pension for the elderly and institutional development

smart elderly care solution is only one of NEC's many solutions in building a smart city. As a provider of smart city solutions, NEC has been actively participating in the construction of smart cities in China, and is committed to using advanced ICT technology to help solve various social issues and create a perfect integration of customer value and social value, in security, energy conservation, manufacturing, logistics, retail, elderly care Excellent achievements in education and other fields. NEC will hold the 2016 NEC innovative solutions exhibition in Beijing on June 27 (Monday). The theme of this year's event is the accessibility of smart cities. Through product exhibitions and seminars, NEC's various advanced ICT technologies and solutions are displayed in an all-round way. You can show yourself 19. Automatic calibration: experience the automatic calibration field of the available electrical calibration values of load and elongation

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