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Paper packaging testing equipment: index assessment of corrugated box production and quality management

many enterprises do not have a very clear definition of performance management and performance assessment, and regard the implementation of index assessment as performance assessment. Who knows that performance management and performance appraisal are a systematic project. Performance management is the core content of human resource management system, and performance appraisal is the key link of performance management

it is necessary to use performance management methods and performance appraisal methods in enterprises. Generally speaking, enterprises should formulate performance management plans, which can be completed only by investing a lot of cost, implementing and operating for a long time, and constantly improving

purpose of assessment

domestic secondary carton enterprises are mostly private enterprises. The technical content of carton enterprises is not high, the threshold for starting is low, and the education level and quality of employees are not very high. Most middle-level and grass-roots management cadres in the industry grew up for the enterprise, and they have little knowledge of the situation of other external industries. Most of them have been used to some of the original evaluation methods of the enterprise, so we should comprehensively carry out performance management and performance evaluation at once, from all aspects of conditions, It is generally difficult to do

although carton paper enterprises cannot comprehensively carry out performance management and performance appraisal in operation, they can start with some specific quantifiable and measurable indicators, and then carry out functional reorganization and system reorganization. It is completely feasible to do some early work for future performance management and performance appraisal

many enterprises have adopted different indicators and standards for assessment. This article focuses on the index assessment of the manufacturing department of the carton industry, which is also a more effective method used in some enterprises or myself in their work. The index assessment of the transportation department of the secondary carton factory will be discussed

content of assessment

generally speaking, indicators refer to the aspects from which work output is measured or evaluated. The standard refers to what level should be achieved in each index. Indicators solve the problem of what we need to evaluate; Standard solution is the problem of how well or how much the evaluated person is required to do

1, cardboard production department: ① base paper utilization rate; ② Return rate; ③ Customer complaint rate; ④ Operation speed of production line; ⑤ Delivery accuracy

other assessment indicators, such as safety indicators, 5S indicators, equipment maintenance and other indicators, can also be included in the assessment items according to the different conditions of each enterprise. The loss or defect rate in the process can be listed separately or included in the assessment items of base paper utilization

2, carton production department: ① delivery accuracy; ② Customer complaint rate; ③ Return rate; ④ Process loss rate

the carton production department can also take into account some of the project assessment indicators mentioned by the cardboard production department

3, equipment maintenance department: ① machine intact rate; ② Equipment failure rate; ③ Equipment maintenance costs

the numerical definition of the above indicators is based on the data statistics in the previous period (at least half a year or so), which is slightly better than the average indicators after evaluation. The specific indicators determined should generally be slightly higher than the data with the best statistical data, which can be achieved through the efforts of all departments, machines or individuals

in addition, after the above indicators are determined, the evaluation standard set for quantitative indicators is generally a range. If the performance of the evaluated person exceeds the upper limit of the standard, it indicates that the performance of the evaluated person has exceeded the expected level, and Wang Zhonghui should be rewarded: if the evaluated person fails to meet the index and is lower than the lower limit of the standard, it indicates that the evaluated person has shortcomings and needs to be improved, and he should be punished according to the provisions made in advance

adjustment of assessment standards

for the secondary carton factory, in addition to quality, production capacity and delivery time, the paperboard production department has the greatest impact on the cost is the base paper accounting for more than 70% of the cost. Every change of one percentage point in the base paper utilization rate (also represented by the consumption rate) has a decisive impact on the cost. It includes the manufacturing of upstream raw materials and polymers and the sales of resin, fiber and film products. In the secondary carton factory, the utilization rate of base paper is generally listed as the key item of assessment

the salary structure of each enterprise includes time, piece work, basic salary plus various expenses as the total salary, and the number of assessment items is different. However, it is necessary to list the utilization rate of base paper as a key point, or the assessment project with large weight. This process can be completed in only 8 seconds. The carton production department should focus on quality and capacity assessment projects. The assessment items of the equipment department should also be found out according to the current situation of the enterprise, and the key points should be listed

there should be rewards and penalties in the index assessment. As the assessment involves all departments and the economic income of employees, it is a relatively sensitive issue. Therefore, when setting the cost and weight involved in the assessment items and assessment indicators, the secondary carton factory should consider the overall situation on the basis of the salary structure. If you are not considerate, you may press the gourd and scoop it up, affecting the stability of the enterprise

of course, for key departments and positions, departments or positions that have significantly increased the economic benefits of the enterprise, or significant savings, and have made great contributions to the enterprise, it is also appropriate for the enterprise to have a focus tilt. However, an explanation should be made to all departments and personnel involved in the assessment to obtain the understanding of those involved in the assessment, so as to encourage the morale of other personnel

when setting the specific quantitative value of assessment indicators, especially when the indicators are broken down to processes or even managers and employees, managers and employees must reach an agreement on the index value set as the key element of maintaining and developing composite production and employment, and make employees clear that when completing the overall indicators of the Department, the decomposition indicators that employees should complete personally or in their processes: complete the required responsibilities; What is the result of achieving the indicators; What are the criteria for achieving the indicators; The importance of achieving indicators; Weight of each index; The right to complete the indicators and the support of which resources can be obtained: the difficulties and obstacles that may be encountered in the process of completing the indicators, etc

the following points should be paid attention to when implementing the indicator assessment:

① when implementing the indicator assessment, enterprises should formulate indicators scientifically and get the approval of the vast majority of employees

② the implementation of assessment should be serious, and indicators cannot be changed casually

③ the assessment indicators can be modified regularly with the progress of the enterprise in all aspects

④ win win for the enterprise and employees

⑤ rewards and penalties assessed shall be taxed

to implement index evaluation, we should be good at accumulating data and summarizing experience, so that the enterprise can make continuous progress, and make preparations for the realization of comprehensive performance management and performance evaluation, as well as the informatization of the enterprise

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