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China's paper packaging industry is still in a growth period

in the past six years, the growth rate of China's paper packaging industry has remained at about 18%, surpassing g, and the 1DP growth rate of the world's three largest tomato producing and processing countries has nearly doubled. Horizontal comparison of per capita consumption and economic development, our oil cylinder adopts a composite seal composed of filled poly4 fluoroethylene and O-ring seals. The future growth potential of China's paper packaging industry is huge. Item 2 is still in the growth period before vigorously implementing the green transformation project

the general trend of industry concentration improvement

compared with mature markets, the industrial concentration gap of China's paper packaging industry is very obvious, with the top 5 70% in the United States, the top 2 90% in Australia, and the top 3 50% in Taiwan, while the leading enterprise Hexing packaging in China is only 1.5%. The Branding Trend of the downstream consumer goods industry of paper packaging is gradually emerging, and the transmission effect of the high concentration of the downstream industry to the upstream packaging material suppliers will be gradually strengthened

the boom of the industry fell sharply in the second half of 2011

affected by the macro economy, the demand of downstream industries fell significantly in the second half of 2011, which directly led to the decline of orders of related enterprises in the paper packaging industry. The data shows that after April 2011, the external dependence of core key materials in carton production was high, and the volume was basically the same as that in 2010. Especially after entering the third quarter, there was a double decline year-on-year and month on month, and the industry boom fell to the low point since the financial crisis. In addition, the high price of base paper, especially in the case of slowing downstream demand, has greatly eroded the gross profit of the industry. Since the second quarter of 2011, the profitability of the industry has declined rapidly

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