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Paper packaging printing enterprise material procurement (Part 1)

procurement is an important starting point for doing a good job in enterprise supply logistics management, and it is also an important link of enterprise supply chain management. Whether the procurement management is effective or not has a very important impact on the production efficiency, product quality and operating costs of enterprises. A multinational company commented that "procurement is the source of profit, the foundation of quality and the beginning of efficiency". Procurement management involves all aspects of management and the importance that enterprises attach to procurement. In short, the goal of procurement management is to change from "simple purchase" to "reasonable purchase", that is, to obtain materials that meet the product quality requirements through the right suppliers at the right price and at the right time

I. existing problems

paper packaging and printing business owners stack "printing materials" 1 layer by layer according to 3D image data. If they are engaged in printing with paper as the substrate. As the premise of production, its procurement objects are mainly all kinds of paper, ink and planned additional machinery and equipment. Throughout the current enterprises, this material is generally used in the procurement of electronic connectors, and the existing problems mainly include the following aspects:

1 Low efficiency

low efficiency means that the procurement takes too long, which mainly depends on the work efficiency of purchasing personnel, the purchase requisition and approval of enterprise procurement matters, the distance of goods source and the choice of transportation mode. For example, in order to strengthen internal management, an enterprise has established many procurement systems and approval procedures, so that a lot of time is spent on transferring documents and signing. In fact, these links can not realize value-added, but greatly reduce the efficiency of procurement operation. Low efficiency will directly affect the production of enterprises, and then affect their on-time delivery rate, and even affect customer business relations

2. Information blockage

nowadays, it is a market economy, and the market situation is certainly not fixed. Enterprise purchasers must be able to grasp the changing market in time and grasp the opportunity, so as to make procurement activities conducive to the enterprise. Another point is the internal information communication of the enterprise. In the traditional procurement process, the procurement department, as a separate functional department, works relatively independently, has little direct contact with other internal departments, and there is a lack of communication between the procurement personnel and the sales, technical, production and financial personnel. This situation will even lead to the "useless land" of purchased materials, which will increase inventory and occupy funds

3. At present, the competition in the printing supply market is also quite fierce, and prices vary according to quality. In order to reduce the material cost, some enterprises may consider the purchase price more and reduce the quality requirements, which will inevitably affect the quality of the final printed products and damage the corporate image. The behavior of looking at price but not goods will not bring any benefits to the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise management department should attach great importance to it, and the quality inspection department should strictly control it to prevent such behavior

4. Procurement corruption

procurement corruption mainly occurs in relevant procurement personnel. Due to the existence of corruption in society and driven by the self-interest motivation of some business personnel and managers, there were once quite common unhealthy tendencies in enterprise procurement activities, such as black box operation, giving up the good and seeking the second, giving up the low and seeking the high, and giving up the near and seeking the far. This not only causes a large loss of enterprise assets and benefits, but also seriously destroys the business climate of enterprises and disturbs the market order of fair competition. To prevent procurement corruption, enterprises need to improve the system, strengthen supervision, clarify rights and responsibilities, reward and punishment, and pay attention to improving the overall quality of employees

5. Nonstandard business procedures

business procedures mean that the parties to the procurement business and relevant personnel should follow reasonable sequences, steps and methods when handling procurement business activities. The enterprise's reasonable, scientific and in line with the internal control system procurement procedures should include the following contents: formulation of procurement plan → purchase requisition → approval by the supervisor → signing a contract or agreement with the supplier → payment request procurement → warehouse inspection → accounting entry → month end 2. Record the maximum load when the sample is completely broken under load and check the accounts. Nonstandard business procedures may lead to various conflicts of interest within and between enterprises, such as: the purchasing personnel do not have invoices, warehousing documents and other documents, and the accounting department does not offset and reimburse; Purchasing personnel purchase plans, contracts or agreements without authorization, and the financial department does not borrow money

II. The principle of procurement management

the principle of procurement management is the principle of reasonable procurement, which refers to making full use of the procurement function to directly reduce costs without reducing the procurement quality, that is, striving to achieve the right price, time, quality, amount and place

appropriate price: establish a valuation team, consisting of purchasing personnel, technicians, cost accountants, etc., to estimate relatively accurate low price data that meet the quality requirements, establish low price market conditions, suppliers, procurement volume, payment period and other bargaining data, and work out a reasonable price acceptable to both parties with suppliers

timely: the purchase plan should be formulated according to the production plan, and the materials should be timely fed according to the purchase plan, so as to smooth production and sales, save costs and improve market competitiveness

suitable quality: the cost of purchasing materials is direct, while the quality cost of setting the sample parameters of each experimental situation is indirect. "Low price and good quality" is the best choice, but materials that cannot meet the functional requirements of the products to be printed must not be purchased

appropriate amount: the most economical purchase quantity should be calculated according to the comprehensive factors such as capital turnover rate, storage cost and material demand plan, so as to reduce the pressure of inventory and capital

suitable location: the closer the supplier is to the company, the lower the transportation cost, the higher the mobility, the more convenient the coordination and communication, and the lower the cost naturally

(to be continued)

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