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The paper packaging industry strategy for the fourth quarter of 2011

Securities Analysts recently released the paper packaging industry strategy for the fourth quarter of 2011. Due to the adverse impact of the increase in international economic uncertainties, coupled with the current situation that domestic paper production capacity is generally oversupplied, there has been a decline in the price of raw materials, a higher price of raw materials in the inventory of paper enterprises, and a decline in the price of paper. It is expected that the gross profit margin of paper enterprises will decline in the fourth quarter, The profitability declined. Therefore, the paper sector was temporarily downgraded to neutral

according to the strategy, the upgrading and integration of the industry, energy conservation and emission reduction, and elimination of backward production capacity will remain the key development directions of the paper industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period. The policy of eliminating production capacity after goods will be considered in the future when I personally think it will take several years to form graphene technology products that play an important or decisive role. Later, I will find that it will continue to follow up in the period to effectively improve the supply and demand environment; At the same time, the rapid rise in raw material prices this year will significantly improve the profitability of pulp making enterprises that are prone to twists and turns. It is suggested to pay attention to large pulp and paper production enterprises with a relatively complete industrial chain; On the other hand, we can focus on packaging enterprises. Among them, large leading enterprises will continue to take advantage of the rapid development of the downstream, squeeze out small enterprises in the adverse period of inflation, rising prices of raw materials and increasing financing difficulties, and realize counter trend expansion, which will achieve further great development in the future

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