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The paper packaging industry is developing in challenges and growing in reform

[China Packaging News] in 2014, the global economy still had a slow growth trend, uncertain factors still existed, and the economic situation was grim and not optimistic. It is expected that there will be greater changes in the total volume around the world in 2014. Among them, it is expected that the corrugated industry in Asia will still maintain high-speed growth, the United States will maintain low-speed growth, Europe will show flat or negative growth, the growth in Latin America is higher than that in Europe and the United States, but it lags behind the development speed of China, and China will still lead the global industry at a double-digit speed

China's paper packaging industry is synchronized with China's reform and opening up. After more than 30 years of hard work, China has become the world's largest paper packaging producer, but it is not yet a powerful country. The development of the industry is being challenged by reality, and reform is the key to determine the fate

six driving forces promote the development of the industry

science and technology, innovation, green, urbanization, technological transformation, and capital injection. The above six driving forces have become the booster to promote the development of the industry

technology leads development. In China, 80 colleges and universities have set up packaging majors, which are the scientific research guarantee for industrial development. In recent years, the way of production, study and research has become more and more extensive. Enterprises take the initiative to come to the door to seek advice from experts. Experts go to the factory to study topics for enterprises. It is expected that this work will be carried out in 2014 The balance of the universal experimental machine itself and the balance during installation are very important, which will be more extensive and in-depth, and the scientific research of special topics will be more

innovative products promote development. Corrugated boxes account for about 80% of China's paper packaging products, and thousands of troops have taken a single bridge. Market homogenization competition has affected the healthy development of the industry. In 2014, the industry association will vigorously guide food packaging, agricultural and sideline products packaging, handicrafts packaging, honeycomb paperboard packaging, heavy paper bag packaging of more than 25 kg, paper packaging of mechanical and electrical products instead of wood packaging, express packaging, paper tubes, paper barrels, furniture and daily necessities, and exhibition advertising. Such packaging will increase by 15%

green packaging expands the field. Among all the packaging materials, paper is the most environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. At present, most of the base paper used in corrugated boxes in China is recycled paper. There will be a new breakthrough in replacing wood packaging with paper in 2014; The manufacture and use of honeycomb paperboard will be further expanded; The output of paper bags and portable paper bags will increase; The growth rate of paper packaging of agricultural and sideline products will accelerate

urbanization provides a market. The construction of urbanization in China will have a huge impact on packaging. The consumption of rural residents will directly expand the demand for commodity packaging

technology promotes advanced production capacity. China has more than 40000 corrugated box production plants and more than 4000 production lines, of which more than 60% are backward production capacity with high consumption and low speed, most of which are distributed in cities and towns and surrounding areas. The pressure of production costs and environmental protection has forced these enterprises to make a choice in recent years. Whether to shut down and transfer or technological transformation is the top priority of every enterprise. It is expected that a number of enterprises will be closed in 2014, and some leading enterprises will carry out a new round of technological transformation. Advanced equipment can improve efficiency, reduce production costs, reduce labor, and meet environmental protection requirements. These enterprises will expand the market in a certain region, guide the local paper packaging industry, and guide the consumption of paper packaging

sufficient funds to ensure development. After more than 30 years of development, the asset strength of the whole industry is strong; The reform of the central financial system will bring benefits to the industry; Leading enterprises and listed enterprises have strong development momentum; The transfer of new capital into the paper packaging industry is ambitious; Upstream paper industry has unique advantages in entering paper packaging; The entry of foreign enterprises into the Chinese market is in the ascendant. In the industry, there are ups and downs for a single enterprise, and it is vigorous for the whole industry

five major issues deserve the attention of the industry

2014 must be a difficult year, a year full of variables, and a year with a lot of opportunities. It is expected that from south to North and from east to west, many paper packaging enterprises will close down for various reasons, and a number of emerging enterprises will also rise. The total number of enterprises will decrease, the total will still increase, and the enterprise benefits will be transformed into good aspects. There are still several issues worthy of attention in the development of the industry

to deepen the reform of the industry, we should strengthen the relevance, systematicness and feasibility study of various reforms. A few years ago, enterprises hoped that the government would intervene in the operational problems in the industrial chain and set the industry access threshold. Now it seems that these are incompatible with deepening reform. The market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources. It is helpless for a paper packaging enterprise to face the market alone. Only by integrating into the economic society and systematically determining the status of its own enterprise can it survive and develop

we should unswervingly eliminate backward production capacity. The impact of backward production capacity on enterprise efficiency, market, environment and employees is an indisputable fact. In fact, the paper packaging industry has been suffering from it. Since the beginning of entrepreneurship, enterprises have invested heavily in technological reform every 3-5 years, spending a lot of money, and the effect is not ideal. Establishing a modern enterprise management system, enriching efficient, low consumption, environmental protection, reducing the equipment of front-line employees, and further deepening integration are the top priorities of the whole industry in 2014

formulate and improve the technical standards of all kinds of paper products. There are no rules and regulations. For a long time, there have been prominent problems of lack, imperfection and unsystematization of industry standards. Starting from the logistics that accounts for a large part of the cost of goods, the excellent processing performance of stanyl and stanyl fortii makes all kinds of goods unified in specifications, and also provides flexibility and physical performance requirements for the component structure and tooling design of connectors; Considering the combination of commodity packaging and transportation packaging, try to reduce logistics costs; Clarifying the raw materials and manufacturing processes of packaging products is beneficial to purifying the market, reducing market competition, and improving the automatic shutdown after product quality test. The formulation of high standards is conducive to the survival and development of large leading enterprises, and is the basis for China to become a strong paper packaging country

product innovation is the driving force of enterprise development. The innovation consciousness of packaging products in China is not strong, and the products are monotonous. We should learn from European and American countries and strengthen the packaging design of daily necessities, food, beverages and supermarket sales goods closely related to people's lives. The packaging of mechanical and electrical products with paper instead of wood and the promotion and application of honeycomb paperboard are important topics in 2014

doing a good job in industry statistics is the key to formulating goals and implementing plans for the industry. Without data, we can't see the overall situation clearly, resulting in out of control guidance and affecting the healthy development of industries and enterprises. From 2014, the industry association will unite all forces to do a good job in this major event conducive to the development of the industry

China Packaging believes that in the new year, we will face unprecedented challenges. Now it is only six years before China completes the building of a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and there are roughly 34 years before it is built into a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious socialist modern country. According to the top-level design schedule and road map of the Central Committee, we will spare no effort to build a large paper packaging country into a world packaging power

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