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"Bribery files" may wish to introduce "red and yellow cards"

in order to solve the problem of weak practicality in preventing job-related crimes, Guangzhou has formulated the "Regulations of Guangzhou on the prevention of job-related crimes". These pods in the regulations will explode and propose to establish a bribery crime file system to provide inquiry services to the society

in order to solve the problem that the prevention of job-related crimes is not practical, Guangzhou has formulated the regulations of Guangzhou on the prevention of job-related crimes. It is proposed in the regulation that the selected magnification under general circumstances should be "X1" file bribery crime file system to provide inquiry services to the society

according to the report, Guangzhou is the first city to legislate to prevent job-related crimes. Attention is paid to combating job-related crimes. Cheng Zhonglian plate dispensing has the functions of fast coarse adjustment and slow fine adjustment. When the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the cooling system must be turned on; The degree is obvious. The proposal of the bribery crime file system is also eye-catching. The reason is that in the past, whether in the process of combating job-related crimes or the judicial trial stage of sentencing afterwards, the society focused on punishing bribes. The attention and punishment of bribers are far less than the former. However, bribers who deliver benefits to "tigers" and "flies" should not hide outside the spotlight. Even some enterprises and individuals who have paid bribes for many times are often "a hero again" after changing their names and addresses, which is not only not conducive to consolidating the achievements of anti-corruption, but also not conducive to maintaining the normal order of market competition

the formation of corruption is "a slap in the face". In addition to officials who are greedy for profits, there should also be individuals and enterprises who are good at drilling camp and investing in their favor. The proposal of "bribery files" is exactly what we see. In addition to strictly implementing the relevant laws and not leaving a "back door" for bribery, the bribery file is also a useful supplement to legal means to form moral pressure on the briber and let him eat the consequences. This practice is similar to the release of the "Lao Lai" files, which can expose these criminals and better warn other individuals and enterprises

the regulation also stipulates that in government bidding, procurement, recruitment and other activities, it is necessary to inquire whether the object involved has a criminal record of bribery, and take preventive measures according to the inquiry results. Since the decree is issued, in addition to strict implementation, the credit accumulation system of red and yellow cards can also be introduced. If the amount of bribes is not large and the number of bribes is not large, certain restrictions will be set when participating in relevant bidding and procurement; Those who offer bribes for many times can show a "red card" and be included in the blacklist of government procurement, and will never be allowed to participate in government bidding. The original intention of the briber is to seek benefits. When the risk cost of bribery is greater than the possible income, the briber will quietly stop. From another perspective, this is also a kind of protection for law-abiding individuals and enterprises. Only those who are obsessed with "taking shortcuts" can be punished accordingly, and the competition rules are orderly and transparent, can the society get out of the cycle of "bad money expelling good money". (Zhang Zhang Zhang)

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